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Declan McKenna. That’s all you need to know. After hearing his song Brazil, written about the controversy surrounding the FIFA World Cup, I was on it. Not only did the meaning of the song go completely over my head the first time round, but even after finding out the story behind it, and addressing the fact that I have no connection to FIFA or soccer at all, I continued to listen to the song cos it was flipping fantastic.

Considering this is coming from an eighteen year old who was discovered at a local talent show then thrown onto the Glastonbury stage in some low volume afternoon slot, yet still managed to draw and convert a whole crowd of festival goers into Declan fans, this song is a track. And a half.

The lyrics are actually magical, and I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I’m not mad about it. At all. It has an amazing guitar that makes you feels nostalgic as heck, and Declan’s voice isn’t perfect, which makes it all the more so. Has his voice broken yet? We may never know, but if he continues to sing his songs the way he currently does, I frankly don’t care. While initially it’s a fair bit different, I’ve come to love it. Brazil is a fantastic song that I have been obsessed with. Which leads to other songs. Paracetamol, a very important song, one of, if not, my favourite song of Declan’s, The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, one of his singles, Bethlehem, Isombard, all amazing tracks, but the video that was on replay for a whole three days? The song I shared on Instagram and Snapchat relentlessly?

McKenna covering Beyonce.

It’s ridiculous.

His cover of Hold Up is so amazing, and so far from anything I ever imagined him covering. Ever. Don’t get me started on his cover of J-Lo. Declan’s version of Hold Up, is to date, my favourite Beyonce cover ever to exist.

But you can judge for yourself.

Hold Up – Beyonce (Declan McKenna Cover)

You know when you watch a video on YouTube so much that it appears on the scroll-y part titled ‘Watch Again’? This video, has been stuck in the first spot, for over two weeks. I doubt it’ll budge any time soon, and again, I’m not mad about it.

This is my first actual post for this blog, and as far as first posts go, I’m happy. Listen to Brazil, and I promise, the happiness is contagious.


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