Ten Goodbyes

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Ten Goodbyes by Tim Atlas has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. It’s a beautiful song about saying goodbye to a very specific situation. It’s a haunting song, with impeccable musicality. It seems so simple when you first listen, but every time I play this song, I pick up on another intricate detail that contributes to it’s overall amazing-ness, in my own eyes.

Tim’s voice is another aspect which makes this song one of my favourites. I’ve found that personally I have a thing for voices rather than the songs themselves, which I’m sure everyone relates to in some way shape or form. Tim doesn’t have an outrageously strong, heavy voice. It’s quite light and delicate, which is one of my favourite things about it. The trills and lilts he uses in this song in particular are amazing, and I could only try to replicate them whenever I sing this song myself.


Tim started as an engineer, working in a recording studio, before spending some time in a band, April Chase, but he released is own EP in 2013. I really feel a heavy relation to some of Ed Sheeran or John Mayer’s stuff, especially Mayer, in the guitar as well as the vocals. It’s enchanting and incredibly rich. During the 9th season of The Voice US, Atlas was on Gwen Stefani’s team, after singing his own cover of Give Me Love, by Ed Sheeran, which you can find here. It’s equally as haunting as his own original works. It sounds like a completely different song in my opinion, which he makes his own, despite the obvious influences drawn from Ed himself.

While doing a bit more research about Tim, I came across his Battle Round performance, where he was given Sweater Weather by the The Neighbourhood, one of my favourite songs, and personally, I love his voice in this. He’s an incredibly versatile singer, which he made obvious during The Voice, even covering Torn, by Natalia Imbruglia, another favourite of mine (thanks One Direction). (I have to admit, by looking into Atlas’ Voice career, I began the dangerous spiral down the YouTube rabbit hole, watching majority of the performances from Season 10. I would honestly watch the US version over the Australian version any day, thank you America).

But anyway.

Tim was let go from the show on the 19th episode after being taken onto Pharrell’s team (bless that timeless man), and has been releasing his own music ever since, which I am incredibly happy about. Some of his other songs that I’m particularly fond of include, Wander, which I’m a sucker for while on the bus or even on a walk, Compromised, the hi-hat in this one is a killer, as well as the backing vocals and Settle In The Sound, which definitely belongs on a road trip by the coast. Tim’s songs, sound like summer. The slow ones, the faster paced ones, the sad songs and the uplifting ones that make you want to run. Tim is a staple on any summer playlist, because he sure has a spot in mine (which you can find on my Spotify, priyafrancis, one word, plugplugplug).

Please take some time to look into this guy, you won’t be disappointed.


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