Ready For Conan

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Conan Gray. The boy is an artist. And so under-appreciated. He is an actual artist, as in visual arts, but I am so, so, so happy to support his amazing musical talent and I’m waiting for someone to pick him up.

I was so content to just create a playlist of all of Conan’s original songs, plus the array of whimsical covers he has up on his YouTube channel, but then the boy had to put his song Idle Town on Spotify. I told my friends, I told my family, and I’m so happy. This boy, I tell you.

Let’s start with his YouTube channel first of all. I was instantly hooked after one video. He is actually a fairy. I am very convinced he is a magical creature, just sit and listen to him talk and you’ll understand what I mean. His Draw My Life made me cry, and his Q and A’s are so different to anything I’ve ever watched before, because he makes it so comfortable.


The calming music he puts in the back of his videos, the satisfying moon to sun logo that signifies the transition between days, the nostalgia with which he talks about his friends and all the people in his life, his paintings and drawings and art that he frequently features in videos, his cute as heck cat, and all his road trips and adventures. It’s addictive.

And then he starts to sing. The first singing video I watched was his cover of an Amy Winehouse song, Love Is A Losing Game. It was one of the more newer covers he put up, and was soon followed by a ton more, as well as thankfully, some of his own songs. He puts so much effort into creating a whole experience, not just a listening one, but a visual one. Whether it’s the general layout of his room, the constantly burning candles around his videos, or the gentleness of his voice overall, it’s magical. There are definitely singers and acts that I recommend fairly heavily to my friends, and in this case, I get very, very angry when no-one listens to me.

Another aspect of Conan’s videos is the peace. If you have anxiety, or suffer from nerves or panic attacks, for me personally, this was amazing. I don’t know what it was, but these videos are so peaceful to watch, or even just have in the background while you go about your homework or while cooking or just during your day. On several occasions I have spent entire afternoons watching, re-watching, and switching between YouTube and Spotify.


Now, Spotify. All praise to Conan for finally putting his music up on a streaming service. It makes it all the more easier for me to recommend you really, really listen to Idle Town. It’s nostalgia in 4:07. The music video, literally made by Conan himself with the help of one of his best friends, in his town, is magical and so visually appealing, I can only guess how long he spent perfecting it. And then song itself. It’s pretty simple. There’s nothing fancy going on with it, and it’s perfect the way it is. One thing that always gets me is the harmonies he seems to find in any song. And the way he mixes them creates the perfect balance of whimsy and magic, mixed with really raw emotion. Honestly, listening to Idle Town, while watching Conan dance down the street with his floppy hair and a drink bottle in his hand is therapeutic.

I also strongly recommend you listen to this cover of Closer. It’s Chainsmokers in a way you’ve never heard before. You’ll understand completely what I meant about the harmonies when listening to this. You’d think it was a completely different song. I could go on and on and on about this cover, and I’ve never heard another one that comes up to par. He wholly inhabits the song, which is ridiculously hard to do, especially with a Chainsmokers song??? It’s a magical experience.

For the opportunity to witness literal magic, subscribe to his channel. Listen to him on Spotify, follow his Instagram and read his Tweets. Any Conan you can get, grab it and run.




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