Courtesy Of: My Best Friend

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The whole point of this blog, is sharing and discovering new music. So, that said, it’s nice when someone recommends a song for you to listen to or updates you on their current favourites. I share music with nearly everyone in my life, and so thought it would be fitting if I shared that with you too. I sent out a text to a couple of people asking for their current picks, and as expected, my best friend was right on it. Here’s what she’s been listening to recently:


Bad Liar – Selena Gomez: Have to agree with her on this one, Selena’s most recent single is amazing, and I love it. My best friend loves it. My dad loves it. It’s hard not to love this song.



Liability – Lorde: I have to admit, I hadn’t listened to Melodrama yet, so I didn’t know this song, until I listened to it when she sent me her list. And it’s a really pretty song. As well as how much I enjoyed this song, I enjoyed the reprised version just as much.



Malibu – Miley Cyrus: We already know how I feel about this song, since it was featured in my June favourites. Apparently my best friend shares the sentiment, which I like to hear. Miley’s comeback is clearly greatly appreciated.



The Lourve – Lorde: Another song I hadn’t listened to before this. This song is what led me to finally listen to the whole album because of how good it is. It screams 80’s and I loved it.



Slow Hands – Niall Horan: Now, it’s probably good to mention that One Direction very much brought my best friend and I together in Year 8, five years ago. So it was only expected that she had this song on her list.



Woman – Harry Styles: A greatly under-appreciated song from his album, and you know it was a favourite of mine during the month of June. Not surprising to see it appear on her list as well.




So there you have the first of many more ‘Courtesy Of:’s to come! I’m hoping to do a bunch of different people to give you all a huge range of music, as well as my own.

Let me know what your think of my best friend’s picks!


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