Courtesy Of: My Dad

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Back with another ‘Courtesy Of:’ for you, one of my favourite posts to write. This time, I went to my Dad and he gave me some of his favourite songs. He’s lived a life too, so his list is definitely a bit different to that of my best friend’s and sister’s. Let’s go.


Thriller – Michael Jackson: Dad loves Michael Jackson. A love he passes onto me. However, I couldn’t watch this film clip until I was at least 13. But this song is one of the most memorable songs MJ ever released. Iconic.



Beat It – Michael Jackson: Another one by the King. This one is actually one of my favourite music videos, compared to Thriller. Beat It was and still is one of the best songs ever released.



Superstition – Stevie Wonder: Play this song, and you will never find Dad and I not bouncing our heads or air playing the bass during the intro. If you don’t boogie a bit to this song you’re lying, or you’re just missing out on a great time. Stevie Wonder is incredible.



Karma – Alicia Keys: Looking at this list, especially these first three artists, my Dad has definitely had a huge influence on the music I’ve found myself listening to and loving throughout my life. This song was played so much during my childhood. When it wasn’t being played, it was being sung. By me, at the top of my lungs. Such a good tune. Such an amazing woman.



D.I.S.C.O – Ottawan: This song, is like the backing track to my childhood memories with my huge extended family, and I didn’t even know who sung it until I began writing this post. It’s such a funky song, and I was so chuffed when Dad included it on his list.



Greased Lightening – Grease: What a song. What a film clip. This song is iconic. Not to be messed with. And you have to do the dance moves as well. If you’re in close proximity to a car, you’re also obliged to jump on the hood and get into position too.



Le Freak – CHIC: This is one of those songs I’ve just always known. I’ve known this song my whole life, but had to look to Spotify to find out who released it. A group called CHIC apparently. But what a smasher of a song. Definitely Dad’s afro era.



Funky Town – Lipps. Inc: Shrek. That’s how I came to know this song. Dad lived this song. So jealous. Incredibly so.



Worth It – Fifth Harmony: Yeah. You’re definitely reading this right. My Dad loves this song. I’m talking ‘special request with the DJ’ love. I’m talking ‘pumping it at the gym over the sound system when no-one’s there’ love. I’m talking ‘turn up the volume in the car, no shame’ love. I still haven’t told him Camilla left.



Fame – Irene Cara: This song, is a song. You have to sing and you have to dance along. Great pick, great finisher for my Dad dearest.



I hope you liked the latest ‘Courtesy Of:’, keep an eye out to see who I harass for tunes next! Also, sneaky plug for anyone still reading…I happen to have a Twitter and Instagram for this blog, that you should most definitely check out, maybe chuck it a follow if you’re in the area?

Twitter: youshouldhear
Instagram: youshouldhear

How easy?!




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