Courtesy Of: My Best Friend

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I asked another one of my best friends to send me a list of her top ten favourite songs, and she came through with some killer picks. There are some amazing songs in this Courtesy Of: so may as well get started!


Dancing In The Moonlight – Topload: You honestly cannot get any better than this classic to kick it off. Its a feel good one most definitely. You also most definitely have to dance once it comes on.



Loveland – Milky Chance: This is a beautiful song from Milky Chance’s album Sadnecessary. The guitar in this one is definitely a highlight, but overall it’s an amazing song. The ‘Live From Spotify Berlin/2014’ version is also a highly recommended version of the song.



Mended – Vera Blue: You have to have a bit of Vera (Celia Pavey) on the list and can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. All of Vera Blue’s stuff is amazing. The production of the song as well as Celia’s voice obviously. This is no different. Her voice is crazy in this one. Vera Blue is also featured on my August Tunes, coming soon, which you should definitely check out!



Youth – Daughter: This song is still so haunting. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and I’m so glad she included this tune in her top ten.



Sad Songs – Sticky Fingers: If you’re not familiar with Sticky Fingers, definitely check them out. We both love them, they’re one of best acts the Australian music industry has delivered in my opinion. This song is a great tune. I was waiting to see these guys on the list. Definitely a summer song, but then again, most of Sticky Fingers’ songs are made for summer.



Make Them Wheels Roll – SAFIA: I hadn’t heard this song until J sent me her list, and since them I’ve been generally loving it. It’s been stuck in my head for ages. It’s definitely a different one compared to that of Daughter and Sticky Fingers, but it’s a funky tune all the same.



Crave You – Flight Facilities: This song is probably the definition of funky. The vocals from Giselle are great, but it’s definitely the production value that wins it for this song. FF did good with this one.



River – Bishop Briggs: We all know how much I love this song, (if you don’t you can find out how much by reading my post, all about Bishop Briggs) and it’s no surprise it was featured on this list.



Does This Last – Boo Seeka: This is another song that I’d never heard of until I read my best friend’s list. But I can definitely understand why she included it. It’s a powerful song, and I’ve come to really enjoy listening to it too.



Edge of Town – Middle Kids: This happens a lot. We both listen to so much music, that we don’t necessarily tell each other about it all, so sometimes we end up loving the same music, without the other knowing. I had no clue she liked Middle Kids and was happily surprised to see this song on her list. It’s on my driving playlist, and I love listening to it on the train to university. So pleased to feature it on this list.



So that’s another Courtesy Of for you all! Hopefully you enjoyed my best friend’s picks for you, and if you listened to any of these songs for the first time let me know in the comments!



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