Courtesy Of: Another Best Friend

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Another post for you guys! I went to one of my best friends and asked her for her top ten songs. Now she listens to music as much as me, making the task incredibly different, so here’s a bit more than ten of her favourite songs ever.


Be With You – RUFUS: I wasn’t familiar with the song name, but once I put it on I knew the song straight away and added it to a few of my playlists. Definitely a song for a good time.

Wake Me – Bleachers: What a song. I’d heard it once or twice, not completely, so this was the first time listening to the entire song through.

Paris – Magic Man: This song is one of those songs you hear all the time but never really acknowledge as it’s own song because it’s tied to so many seperate moments and experiences you’ve had in life. No? Okay.

Ten-Twenty-Ten – Generationals: Honestly have to thank her for introducing me to such sick songs. This is a driving/running song easily. I loved it.

Thicker Than Dust – K.Flay: This is one of the songs on the playlist that I recommend you listen to the most. That’s all.

Hometown – Twenty One Pilots: TOP can really do no wrong in my eyes and this song is no different. Such a good chorus.



No Role Modelz – J.Cole: I’d like to thank N.DS for introducing me to Cole a few years ago back when I was a youngin. What a man. This song is also highly motivational at the gym if anyone was interested.

Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar: We both love Kendrick, though unlike N.DS this isn’t one of my favourites of his. It is a great song though, and I was definitely expecting some Kendrick on this list.



Charlie Brown – Coldplay: I’m pretty sure this was on her Snapchat Story when she saw these guys live. It looked incredible, and honestly anything by Coldplay, I’m a fan of.

Jona Vark – Gypse and The Cat: Another one I had yet to hear before writing this post, but since I started writing it, this song has been stuck in my head. It’s a really good, catchy, summer song.

Super Far – LANY: We had a freak out a little while ago when we realised we both listened to LANY. This is one of their best songs. Very happy to see it here.

I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen: I remember being so confused when she told me she was going for Bruce’s concert, but it looked amazing from her Snapchats. This song is very much a classic.



Lost – Frank Ocean: What a song to end on. I never really got on the hype when Ocean released his most recent album. Because of songs like Lost, channel Orange is still my favourite Frank.


Hope you enjoyed my best friends’ picks! She was really excited to share her favourite music on this blog, so let me know if you’re a fan of any of these songs, OR if you found a new song you enjoy like I did!



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