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Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

Honestly feel like a complete fool.

So there’s this singer, Pluto. I mention him in my September Tunes, which are coming soon as the month draws to an end, and while he’s not one of the singers who jumps to my mind if someone were to ask me who my favourite artist is, his song Breathe is definitely one of my favourites. It’s intense as heck, but so beautiful and I share it with anyone who cares to listen.

But then.

Just today, as I was scrolling through my music, I saw his song in my playlist and as I was listening to it, I glanced along the track title and it was a ‘holy crap’ moment. It hadn’t once occurred to me that this masterpiece, this song Breathe, was probably the product of an actual album, an EP at the least.


I’ve never clicked anything faster in my life, except last month when I was trying for Falls Festival tickets and sourly failed, rip. But ANYWAY. The album is called Jessica. I haven’t listened to it it. But I’m gonna listen to it now, and you’re gonna get the live, moment by moment thought commentary that runs through my head as I listen to this album. If you want, click here for the album on Spotify, and you can listen too!

1. Triangles

Ooh he’s talking. It’s spacey as heck and it’s definitely one of those monologue kind of pieces. It’s the intro to the album I guess…about a girl. He has a nice talking voice too, I’m a fan. “Before you get over someone, your heart has to completely break.” Damn son. What are the odds that this line is the precursor to the album. I reckon.

This is so sad to listen to, and it’s not even a song, but it’s so beautiful. My jaw just dropped. This album, is legit about a girl called Jessica. Who he lost. And is never gonna get back.

2. Heart Speak

First of all, boy’s falsetto is enough to induce labour. All I can think about is Jessica dammit. He has one of those old school RnB voices that make you feel nostalgic, but he’s using a bunch of new sounds that make this so good. I’m loving this.

It’s groovy. If you’re up for groovy, electric albums, with smooth as hell vocals, this is it. Effects on this song are so sick. It’s a slow song, like it kind of drags, but he’s doing so much so you don’t really gather that too much. His voice reminds me of someone but I can’t figure out who. Please share my frustrations. The chorus is dinky as hell I love it. Holy moly dude can sing high. Really high. I’m such a fan.

3. Jessica

Oh my goodness it’s on piano. So far no electrics or synths. His voice is so pure what the heck. Holy moly have I’ve heard this song before??? How do I know the chorus???

Ooh he swore.

This is such a sad song. It’s still just him and a piano. My heart bleeds you. Damn Pluto. Okay we have some harmonies that are killing it in the background. I honestly can’t get over this guys voice. I knew he had an amazing voice but – ooh swearing again I love it – but Breathe doesn’t even touch how good he actually is? The top line of the piano is so tiny in this but it’s so pretty. So far this is my favourite. Okay, I thought he went high in Heart Speak, guess that was the warm? Ooh trumpets. HE JUST SAID JESSICA AT THE END. Surely not.

4. Rehab

This sounds like the intro to a movie. This guy honestly comes through with the harmonies. Also with the lyrics. This song is chilling, lyrically. Sad, but chilling.

Okay now I’m questioning things. Did he leave Jessica or did Jessica leave him? Who was in the wrong? I’m so confused. Cannot get over the lyrics in this song. How high can this guy go? His vocals are ridiculous. Please listen.

If you’ve ever listened to MAX Schneider, he sounds a bit like him. That’s who I was thinking of. Especially in this song.

Oh whistling. Kinda creepy, but I like it. Definitely sounds like a song that should be placed in a movie. If anyone’s seen Before I Fall, it would sound dope in that movie I reckon, side-note.

5. Temporary Mind

Oh I love myself some Rhode keys. Keyboard and spacey as hell vocals apparently make for a intro that I am loving. Okay. This one is explicit. Smooth, but explicit.

Woah. Okay, synths as heck. May have lost my hearing. I’m waiting for drums.

WE HAVE PERCUSSION. The chorus is perfect. Contrast/10 from the verse. It’s so hectic. One thing to note, it may be good to note that Pluto apparently likes ripping his vocal chords and going sickeningly high in all his songs. No complaints. Just warning.

More expletives.

This pre chorus is so hectic, but it’s the perfect build up to the chorus. A+.

6. Breathe

MY FAVOURITE. I don’t need to say much hear, but I do hope you’ve listened to the album. I’m in love with this album, despite how short it is. So many emotions, Pluto and myself. This is a sick album. Let me know what you think!





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