Ziggy Does It Right

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It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat and typed up a post for you guys. Aside from my September Tunes (post linked) which was scheduled in advance, it’s fair to say there was a decent break in my posting, which I’m very aware of. However, I don’t think there’s any better artist to return with, than Ziggy Ramo.


He’s a hip hop artist from Perth, here in Australia, and coincidentally to him somehow following my Instagram account – not YouShouldHear but my personal account, I’ve been absolutely binging his music for the last weeks. Walking around Melbourne city with his jazz infused tunes in your head is a treat. I feel like you guys are sick of hearing her name, but Kehlani is once again to thank for me finding this guy, thanks to her bringing Ziggy on stage when she was over there on tour. However, this guy is so much more  than a support act.

There’s something about an artist who is unapologetic in what they’re saying that makes you want to listen all the more. If you listened to an artist who was somewhat hesitant to speak their mind, and then an artist who was completely sure and absolute in what they wanted to say, it would be no hard decision in regards to where you focused your attention. Ziggy Ramo is so unapologetic, confident, sure and absolute in his music and I am 100% here for it. He talks about the shit that matters and it’s incredibly refreshing to hear.


With rappers like Kendrick and J.Cole, aside musicians like Beyonce, sis Solange, Alicia Keys and Common making the statements that need to be made in America regarding the unjust political climate they face over there, Ziggy Ramo is the voice we need over here, in Australia. Cos while it’s definitely not as in your face as it seems to be in the US, the underlying currents are just as strong here too. And Ramo addresses that, straight out of the gates. No questions asked, no stuttering or fluffing about to find the right words.


“Our black skin is not a costume for you to assume.”  – Black Face

“We all bleed, we all breath…the same air. And no you cannot touch my hair.” – Same Script

“Educated black man, tired of soul searching, tired of working and not earning the same respect as my counterpart, my people in the deathbed by preventable heart, disease, served through rations bought from overseas,” wow wow wow- Black Thoughts

“Stereotypes man, I heard them all … we know it word for word yeah Australia love Kendrick, but when I talk about the same shit you get defensive.” – White Lies


It’s hard to ignore lines like above. It’s even harder to find artists willing to say it so bluntly. I love it.


I 100% agree with Triple J Unearthed tipping Ramo as One To Watch in 2017, because the end of the year is nearing and Ziggy’s only climbed higher and higher, if his performance with Lani was anything to go by.

White Lies is undoubtedly my favourite of the songs available on his Spotify (page is linked). He calls out the uncomfortable under-current that we very often ignore in our country and he does it without any sensitivity or politeness. He tells it as it is and when creating tunes about the topics he’s covering, I don’t believe it would make half the impact it has if he tiptoed around the straight truth. It’s refreshing and as a young POC in Australia it’s thrilling for me to listen to.

His most recent release comes in at a close second. Same Script is about mental health through and through, it covers an important topic with a die-hard, catchy tune to groove to.

“But this world that we’re living in, really isn’t different, all of us struggling.”

“Remember they hating cos they hate themselves, do your own thing, don’t care bout no-one else.”

Again. How much more to the point can you be? What I find equally as amazing as his lyrics, is his musicality and how beautifully he relays the messages he’s trying to get across. It’s all good to have important stuff to say, but his music and his tunes are just as important in carrying the words.

I cannot wait for Ziggy to release more music. The time is always gonna be the right time for him to release his music in this country in my opinion, because what ever he releases is going to open so many eyes. 100%. Without a doubt.




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