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Holy moly it’s the end of November, and the start of December and the end of 2017 is here while the start of a brand new year is right around the corner. Hard hitting stuff. Even better stuff is the monthly dumping of all my favourite tunes from the last 30/31 days that I give you all at the end of each month. So here’s my November Tunes.

Reggaeton Lento – Little Mix, CNCO: After getting over the music video (LM and CNCO are in completely different places, I’d go even far as to guess completely different countries, but they do the most to make it seem like it’s all in the one place and 100% legit, check it out for yourself or take my word), I concluded that this was a very decent song. A sturdy head nod at reggaeton for popular mainstream music, which I’m all about.

Lemon – N.E.R.D, Rihanna: The awaited return of N.E.R.D was met with this absolute piece of art. While we’re talking about music videos, let’s just give up the props this video and the protagonist (Mette Towley) for murdering the dancing in this video, as well as letting Rihanna shave her head. Like, go Mette. Go Rih. Go N.E.R.D.

Kontrol – Maleek Berry: So one of my close friends showed me this song, and I added it to several of my playlists straight away. It’s started a bit of a Maleek Berry obsession for me. If you like dancehall, I’d 100% recommend this song.

Finders Keepers – Mabel, Kojo Funds: Once again I can report that I have no clue how I found this song. All I know is that I found it and I loved it, because I found myself listening to it a bunch this month.

Truffle Butter – Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne: Ah, an oldie but a goodie. So good for getting ready to. I dare you to put this song on while putting on your make-up and not instantly start loving yourself.

No Limit – G Eazy, Cardi B, A$AP Rocky: I live for Cardi B in this song. G Eazy and A$AP are great, no denying that, but her verse is the best part of this whole song, hands down.

Pills and Automobiles – Chris Brown, Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Kodak Black: What a name drop. Initially I didn’t like this song at all. I was hung up on Chris’ song Questions, and couldn’t give it a chance, but over the course of this month it’s grown on me, to the point that it’s one of the first songs I queue when I’m putting together a set.

Luna Llena – Malu Trevejo: This is a guilty pleasure. I have no idea how Malu got famous. She’s on the same wave as Danielle Bregoli (cash me ousside, yikes), basically made famous through Vine and Instagram and she’s like…14, I think? That said, she released a song, and it’s a bop. Like an honest to God Latin bop. Give it a chance.

I Smile – Kirk Franklin: One of my favourite worship songs. Ever. I remember hearing it for the first time when my school choir sang it at an assembly and one of my friends just absolutely smashed her solo and I fell in love with the song and Kirk.

Feeling Whitney – Post Malone: I love Congratulations. I love rockstar. But I am obsessed with Feeling Whitney. It’s probably one of my favourite songs on this list. Post Malone needs more hype for this song.

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac: A classic. It came on really randomly on the radio one day and I was transported back in time. Now it’s on constantly. May not seem like it, but I find it perfect for lazy days at home, especially during this amazing hot weather we have at the moment. It’s one of my go to songs when I’m sitting outside reading, which I’ve been doing a ton more of lately.

Above The Clouds – SŸDE, Olivia Reid: If you didn’t catch it, I did a whole post about Above The Clouds (linked) at the start of the month shortly after Will and Mitch released it. Like I said, these boys can do no wrong in my eyes, they’re supportive as heck and I’m pumped for more to come from them soon.

I Love You, Will You Marry Me – YUNG BLUD: This is such a random song on this list, I had never heard of YUNG BLUD until I heard this song at work and Shazaamed it, and now that I know it, it seems like I’m hearing it everywhere. I was in a tiny little store that sold really funky jewellery, real indie type stuff, and this song came on and I swear I froze.

Would You Ever – Skrillex, Poo Bear: This song, is perfect for the time of year here in Australia. Everyone’s loving the sun we’re getting at the moment in the build up to summer, gearing up for concerts and festivals, revelling in the fact that majority of the youth are now free and out of school. It’s a great time and I feel like this song encapsulates it pretty well.

This Way – Chris Brown: Another song Chris released on his 45 track heavy album, and I love it. It’s up amongst my favourites of all the songs on the album. Great driving song.

Open Arms – PRETTYMUCH: If you didn’t catch my post all about PRETTYMUCH (linked) and the rabbit hole I’ve fallen down, make sure you give it a read so you can appreciate this incredible song as well.

Teacher – PRETTYMUCH: See above.

How Long – Charlie Puth: I’ve really been enjoying this song this month. Not only does Charlie have an insane voice, but his whole production and song arrangement is incredible. This song is no different.

Silence – Marshmellow, Khalid: I was a bit slow to catch onto this one, and I only really started getting into once it was building traction on the radio, but I’m glad I caught it, because since then I’ve been loving it. Khalid has to be one of the key voices of 2017.

Future Heroine – Ecca Vandel: Another random find. I love Shazaam. So many missed opportunities, now never missed again. This being one of them. I definitely found this one during a long, quiet and subsequently boring day at work. You have to sing along to it. Feel the empowerment.

On My Mind – Jorja Smith, Preditah: I initially heard the acoustic version of this song, and mistook it for the original version. I heard the actual original in a store and genuinely thought that it was a remix, and then everything clicked. This song is incredible.

Come Down – Anderson .Paak: After sharing this song on Buket Komur’s Courtesy Of post, which you should 100% check out if you haven’t, I realised how much I really liked it. Like it’s probably my favourite Anderson .Paak song. Scrap that. It’s definitely my favourite.

Cleopatron – Diamond White: So the evolution from posting covers, sharing vids and getting views, to releasing original stuff and absolutely killing the game is strong with this one. No limit for the amount of praise I have for Diamond White, so this song basically sums it up. Give it a listen and you’ll know what I mean.


So that’s a wrap for another month. Slight shivers that my next monthly tunes will be the last one for the year, but we have another 31 days before we have to come to terms with that. Expect the Christmas tunes. Let me know if you enjoyed any of the songs above and what you were listening to during November!



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      It’s fantastic! If you’re into it, I definitely recommend watching Kyle Hanagami’s dance to it on YouTube, makes me love the song even more, and definitely expect some Christmas tunes haha!! 😊 xx

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