A Week In

Hello lovely people. Due to the following week being insanely busy for me, I thought I’d take this bloody four hour gap in-between my classes on this cold Monday to schedule some posts. As great of an idea as that is, I’ve struggled to come up with post ideas, (all though I do have a review and music video to share that I’ve been putting off for God knows how long).

As I was recently hanging out with my best friends, Kate and Jess, I thought back to a conversation we were having on the train, regarding university and how we were finding it. So I thought I’d continue that ramble here, and kind of unpack my first week back at university, now in my second year, fitting considering I only recently let you guys in to how I found my first year.

One thing to get out of the way. I love my university. It’s literally in the heart of the city, a five minute walk outside Melbourne Central and it’s a massive campus with something happening at every minute of every day. That said, I have to return to a point I brought up in my last post about university. It’s very easy to get caught up in how big the city is, how much is happening on campus, the hundreds of people that are constantly surrounding you, and how small you are. That was definitely a feeling I had to get used to and learn to confront all over again, especially after four months of really not doing a lot outside of my own personal sphere.

Monday, exactly a week ago, was interesting. I had a movie screening at 9:00AM, meaning I was up at 6:30AM to ensure I was on the bus on the way to the train station by 8:00. The screening was interesting, just due to how obscure the films we’re watching are. Well, obscure to me. Apparently some people love the film list and know all the films, but I’m just gonna go along with it. And then came the first four hour break of the semester.

I hate it. A huge downsize of being right in the heart of Melbourne and a five minute walk from Melbourne Central is that I am surrounded by shops, some of my favourites, and I have zero will power, so of course, I walked into my recording studio session four hours later, $40 poorer. I don’t regret that however, because I got some good shit. My studio class is by far my favourite, purely because I’m in the recording studio, I love the people in my class and it’s quite an independent class structure. Aside from one hour of being taught in’s and out’s of the studios, most of which we generally have a grasp of, the whole focus is about making music, churning out tunes, collaborating with each other and producing stuff, which I am all about. My closest friend at university is in that class with me as well, we worked together quite closely on group projects and songs last year, and that’s what we’ve planned to do this year as well. I’m really looking forward to finally making some more music, hopefully posting some on SoundCloud, maybe releasing some more on Spotify if I really love anything.

Monday is one of my longest days, purely because of my early start, but finishing at 4:30 is not too bad at all.

Tuesday was decent. I guess. I have one class the whole day, which means I’m traveling for two hours all up into the city and back out, for one tutorial, which I wasn’t ecstatic about when I got my timetable. It’s not even a lecture so it’s not like I could skip it and watch it online at home. So I made my way into the city for my 9:30 tutorial, and I swear to God I had to stop myself from falling asleep at least three times. It was a painful experience, but one I have resign myself to. The tutorial itself wasn’t horrible, but they’re all going to be about the movies we watch during the screening I mentioned on the Monday, and considering I know none of them, it’ll be an effort through. Oh well, only one semester.

Wednesday is a pretty cruise-y class. However, there is one downfall, that I’m sure my family and friends are incredibly tired of hearing about, and that’s the lecture hall. Remember when I mentioned how huge my campus is? Well the lecture hall I have my main class lecture in, is in the last possible building on the city campus map. The furthest possible building from the train station and a hell of a hike to get to. Might have to start wearing gym clothes on a Wednesday. I was incredibly glad that all my friends were equally as pissed off about the huge walk, but once we got into the lecture it was fine. I love my main lectures for Music Industry. There’s always something interesting to talk about and topics and subjects are never boring. Even the introduction lecture was fun. After the lecture my friend I mentioned before and I walked back down into the main courtyard of our area of the university, and in our search for somewhere to eat, stumbled upon the row of cafes and restaurants that had been in the works over last year and throughout the holidays. Coffees, sushi, burgers, pizza, lasagna, it was kind of perfect, and we both enjoyed a pizza for lunch, before heading to our tutorial. Again, it was just an introduction but it was still interesting. We planned our first group assignment, in pairs thank god, and chose our genre topics (you know we had to pick RnB).

Timing wise, Thursday are probably the hardest. I have my first lecture at 8:30, meaning I’m up at quarter to 6, to catch a bus at 6:45, and I’m on the train by 7:15. The lecture was daunting to say the least. The hall was massive, at least three hundred people and just when I thought the class was done, more and more people kept pouring in. The size of the course made me feel so overwhelmed, but a quick review assured me that all the people who were with me from Music Industry felt the exact same way, considering we were the smallest group of people in the elective. The class was Music In Popular Culture, so despite the size of the elective, the content was really interesting and I enjoyed the lecture.

I had the tutorial for the class an hour later, so got a drink and made my way to the class, expecting to be in the same class as my friend, only for us to realise that due to the size of the elective, several tutorials were running at once and we were in different classes. Mood plummeted drastically, but as I mentioned the content was pretty interesting and I got through. Just.

I feel like if the last week was a reflection of the rest of the semester I should be fine. Hopefully I can pull through with some new music and songs to share with everyone. Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry if it’s a little different again than what I usually do!



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