Open Call

Hello friends! This is a teeny tiny post – a call to action post, actually.

Since starting this blog back in June last year, I’ve shared some music favourites, new artists, playlists, personal anecdotes and thoughts, interviews and artist favourites, I’ve shared quite a bit, definitely a lot more than I though I would when I started this blog in the first place.

However, some of you have also shared your own discoveries and favourite artists with me, and that is the point on this post!

I’m incredibly keen to grow the community here on my blog and I’d love to invite you all to contribute to some of the content coming up here!

  • If you have an artist you think I might enjoy, or an artist you think is worth a whole lot more than they’re getting (the most basic premise of this blog overall), let me know! Reviews and artist shares are some of my most favourite posts to write, and I’d love to hear any new musicians or bands you’d like to see on You Should Hear!
  • Collaborations! One of my goals for the year was for collaborations in all aspects of my life – especially here on my blog! If any of you are keen to collaborate, work on some blog posts together, link and bring together our audiences, I’d love to get started on something – shoot me an email: and we can hopefully get started on something!
  • Album reviews – going along the same lines as the first dot-point, if there’s an entire album you’d like to hear my thoughts on, I’d love to give it a listen and write a post about it! New music is literally all I spend my spare time on, and I’m always open to suggestions and requests.
  • If there is a specific type of post that you’d like me to do – one that isn’t necessarily related to music even – let me know in the comments because I’m happily open to anything at all (within reason, obviously). I’m excited to hear what you guys like and don’t like. That said, if there is a post that I’ve done in the past that you liked, let me know and I can do some more!

That’s kind of it! Like I said, short post, short post – but one that I thought was worth putting up, just for some general feedback and input from you guys!

Excited to hear any ideas or comments you guys have!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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    1. priya

      Yes girl! So excited for that one, but have a ton of fun in Italy while you’re there! And holy crap probably should get around to listening to it – so many good things to be heard about it! xx


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