Liam Payne’s First Move

Hello, hello friends!

I know what you’re thinking.

‘Priya, Liam Payne has definitely been releasing music for quite a while now’, and while that is definitely true, I’ve been waiting for the album, or in this case, the EP. Aside from Louis, the other boys from One Direction weren’t too slow to release a full album, and we were able to get a decent taste of what direction they were heading in.

Liam was a little slower, though he’s hit the mark with his singles, in my opinion. I wasn’t as impressed by Strip That Down as I was with Bedroom Floor and Familiar, but he gave us an idea of the music he was gonna be giving us eventually.

However, instead of the album we all expected, on the 24th of August, Liam released a four track EP, titled after the first song on the record, First Time, which features French Montana.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 5.04.33 pm

Have to say, as soon as it started, I was enjoying it. Clearly kicking on from his song with J Balvin, Familiar, Liam’s hopping on the latin train, infusing a bit of the reggaeton sound into the title song, and I love it. Think if Havana was sung by a dude. It’s good stuff. Give it a listen. Definitely gets your hips moving a bit.



Home With You is a slower, romantic song, that has a really decent break down in the chorus. It’s moody and ethereal in this RnB type of way, and his voice suits it perfectly. It kinda has a couple of Zayn-like backing vocals that Liam was always capable of, which I’m obviously not mad about.

Depend On It is such a sad song, holy moly. But I still love it. It shows off his vocals a little bit more, and people who never really gave his voice a chance while in One Direction, will definitely get an opportunity to hear how good Liam Payne’s voice really, truly is. Such a sad song though, gosh Liam.

Slow raises the tempo back up to finish the EP. Probably my least favourite song on the EP, though the drop in the chorus is pretty decent.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 5.10.12 pm


I’d be very interested to know why he chose to release an EP instead of coming through with an entire album, especially with the talk he’s had about an album in the past. He has addressed it shortly on Twitter, explaining that the changes in his life in the last couple of months and the music he had planned to released don’t really match up, which I definitely understand but I’m hoping he has an album in the works that’s being released later on. We can only wait.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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    1. priya

      OMG CHLOE!! I’m actually in love with First Time, and that’s with saying that I haven’t absolutely been mad about his other songs, honestly I think it’s definitely one of those styles where you either love the song straight away or hate it and it’s right up my alley I guess! That’s such a bummer for you, especially considering how long we waited for it! :(( xx

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