Best Of // Spilt Milk Lineup 2019

Hello friends! Hope we are all well and good.

Today’s post is a first for me, but I’m pretty keen for it. Spilt Milk is a music festival here in Australia that usually only runs in Canberra, the capital, however, for the first time, it’s coming to Victoria. Obviously with a new festival popping up a few hours away from me, I had my eye out for the line-up and boy. We were not disappointed.

For today’s post, I’m gonna be sharing my favourite song from each artist featured on the lineup for 2019. See for yourself, it’s gonna be wicked – please cross all fingers for me that the gals and I snag some tickets.

These songs are all my personal favourites from each artist, make sure to check out their music, cos they’re fantastic! You will notice several You Should Hear favourites like Bene, G Flip, Ocean Alley and Running Touch.

Arno Faraji – Bless (What’s It Like)
Bene – Soaked
CHVRCHES – Never Say Die
Dom Dolla – You
Godlands – 2 Clips
Running Touch – My Hands
Allday – You Always Know The DJ
Tones and I – Johnny Run Away
Golden Features – Falling Out
Illy – Swear Jar
Khalid – My Bad
Groove City – Love Is Love 
Ocean Alley – Yellow Mellow
Middle Kids – Mistake
Hayden James – Just Friends
Kota Banks – Zoom
Confidence Man – Boyfriend
Juice WRLD – Hear Me Calling
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Keen For Kick Ons?
RAT!hammock – Mud
Lastlings – Deja Vu
Dune Rats – 6 Pack
G Flip – Drink Too Much
Lime Cordial – Waking Up Is Easy
Mansionair – Speak Easy
Winston Surfshirt – On A Lock

So yes! That’s my playlist and lil collection of my favourite songs from this year’s Spilt Milk lineup!! Once again – pretty please cross your fingers and send your great energies over so the girls and I can get some tickets to see these amazing artists. Tickets means festival review … and that’s always been a heap of fun! (On that note, I’d like to apologise again for how late my BluesFest post is, I’m finally done with university for the semester, literally just submitted my last essay before writing this post up, so hopefully I can get it up soon!)

Let me know if you had a listen and enjoyed any of these songs!!



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