August Tunes

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and good.

Probably should preface this post by apologising for my severe lack of posts this month. It was a hectic one to say the least. There was a lot going on (gigs, university, my 21st, music production), and writing blog posts genuinely disappeared from my mind for a solid four weeks. That said, I hope you enjoyed my recap of the Childish Gambino concert, which you can read HERE if you missed it. 

Otherwise, let’s get into the music I was listening to during August!! It was another great month for music for me personally, I discovered a bunch of new tunes to add to my playlists, and rediscovered some old favourites. Let me know how you month turned out, I’d love to hear any recommendations!!


Movie – Tom Misch:  This song is hardly new, it’s been around for a little bit, but I’ve only just taken the time to genuinely listen to it and enjoy just how musically gifted Tom Misch is, not that it’s any surprise. I’ve featured his music here on the blog since the beginning of time, and he recently performed this song during his NPR Tiny Desk concert, and it was a treat. A great way to spend my Friday night. If you missed the Instagram story, check out my social media below so you can get onto it!

Crew – GoldLink, Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy: This song was stumbled upon while I was on YouTube, the intro’s been used in a few people’s intro’s recently, and I’m not that mad at it. The rest of the song is definitely just as good, and it was a great asset to my latest playlist creation, velvet, which you can listen to HERE.

One Night Only – Sonder: This song is another incredibly smooth one. I feel like August was the month for really smooth, slow jams for me personally, and I’m so down for it. This song in particular was very random for me, I’ve never heard of Sonder, or this song before, and I’m slightly mad about it, especially considering Brent Faiyaz, one of my latest obsession, leads the group with his vocals. I don’t know where this song has been all my life, but I appreciate it being here now.

Indigo Night – Tamino: Tamino did an NPR Tiny Desk performance, which is how he appeared on my feed. There’s something so incredibly calming about watching him perform, as quite a few people in the comments mention, he’s got a bit of a Jeff Buckley vibe to him and I love it. I also love the little Arabic influences in his music, it makes it so different and unique. I’m only just diving into his catalogue, but this song has been included in several playlists.

Ride It – Regard: Look. I didn’t begin watching TikTok compilations for the art. It was ironic. I was trying to make fun of my sister. But here I am, a month later, stuck in an endless cycle of TikTok compilation videos on YouTube, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The shining like at the end of the tunnel though, is that sometimes, on some rare occasions, TikTok shares some great tunes, especially remixes, and this is definitely one of them. If you’ve been on TikTok or even meme Instagram in the last month, you’ll recognise this song.

Simmer – Mahalia, Burna Boy: Another absolute tune from Mahalia, but at this point, we aren’t really surprised. Burna Boy is a new one from me, but I’m seeing him pop up everywhere, see below for his song with angel gal Jorja Smith.

Be Honest – Jorja Smith, Burna Boy: As much as I love Jorja Smith, Simmer is definitely my favourite out of these two Burna Boy features, but that’s not to say this one isn’t fantastic too. I’m loving the groovier side to Jorja on this one, definitely a bit different compared to songs like Teenage Fantasy or Blue Lights, especially compared to Goodbyes, but I’m welcoming it with open arms, cos it suits her perfectly.

Indigo – Chris Brown: This is nothing new. It came out a little while ago, but August really gave me the time to get into it. Something about Chris Brown always gives me nostalgia for the year I turned 18, not long ago, only two years ago, and started going out with my friends. He’s still releasing really addictive tunes. Just a tune. That’s all I have to say.

Holding The Gun – Sabrina Claudio: I’m convinced the only thing flowing through Sabrina Claudio’s body is honey. She’s so bloody smooth. Her voice is genuinely like velvet, and I can’t get enough of it. This song is beautiful, and steadily becoming one of my favourite Sabrina songs.

Motivation – Normani: Yo. How did Fifth Harmony ever get by with this woman not leading the group?? I swear everyone on Twitter lost their minds when the music video dropped (it’s art), and I’ve never seen so many people online so ultimately united by one female artist. It was beautiful.

over and over – sky: I discovered this song while watching Volume 3 of ‘Dear White People’ – I have even more questions at the end of that volume than I did the first two – and I fell in love with. Again, just a slanky, smooth, old school RnB joint. It’s perfection.

Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid: Not a new song by any means at all, but for some reason it popped into my head randomly, and I was stuck singing it around the house for an entire week. The chorus is just so energetic and wholesome, I really need to get around to listening to some more Sigrid.

Fool For You – Snoh Aalegra: I’ve been obsessing over this song ever since I randomly clicked it on Spotify. If you haven’t checked out my Spotify by now, a) why? and b) you should do that, check the links below, but it’s been added to a fair few of my playlists. It’s such a calming song, her voice and the guitar and how minimal it all is, and also may or may not feature in a lil cover I did of it on my Instagram…



The Wilhelm Scream – James Blake: I can’t for the life of me, remember where I heard this song, but it’s changed my life. I’m no stranger to James Blake and the genius that he is, but I’m shocked it’s taken me this long to hear this particular song. It’s so atmospheric and cinematic, I’d liken it to something like The Maze by Manchester Orchestra which featured in my July Tunes. This song is so bloody calming, despite how organic and dynamic it is, I can never listen to it just once.

Hazy – SODA, Yuto.: I’m Insta acquaintances with the brother’s who make up the Yuto. duo, and I have to say, this is my absolute favourite song that they’ve released. Easily. It’s right up my alley, and it’s made a SODA fan out of me.

Disco Yes – Tom Misch, Poppy Ajudha: Another Tom Misch song. Since watching his NPR Tiny Desk, August has indeed been the month of Misch. Clearly I don’t have an issue with it. This song is steadily becoming my favourite song he’s ever written, and I’m desperate for my band to get their hands on this. It’s such a good time, I don’t know how you couldn’t not smile listening to that bass line. Song of the month.

Movie Screen – Tommy Newport: I rediscovered this song while going through my playlist, songs you should probably hear on Spotify and I had to add it to my 365//2019 playlist. It’s so good. Tommy’s vocals, the bass line, the vibe.

Naked – Sedric Perry: Funny story with this one. I was at work, and had to venture to the other half of the store, when I overheard the first ten seconds of this song. I was disgusted in the best possible way and ran to the computer to find out what it was. Somehow, it was on a Pulp Fiction soundtrack by accident, because it was really the odd one out on the playlist, but God was looking out for me that day, because I am in love with this song. Stanky vocals and insane beats. Treat yourself.



That’s what I was listening to in August. It was a fun month of me, it usually always is – what were you listening to? Please feel free to share any discoveries or recommendations in the comments! I’d love to know what you guys were enjoying too!



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