Vibe Or Die // The Birth Of A Playlist

Hello friends! I hope you’re all well.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand new playlist addition to my already over-flowing Spotify account (which you can find HERE) – my vibe or die playlist.

Now I can hear you asking, ‘what on earth could this new playlist possibly be useful for?’.

Here’s the thing; it’s one thing to have a playlist for when you’re driving in the car, a playlist for when you’re gone away with some friends during the summer, or even a playlist for when you’re up late on a Sunday morning making yourself some breakfast. (All playlists you will find on my Spotify, you’re welcome).

However, sometimes, the songs that fit into those categories don’t always match the way you’re feeling. Sometimes, instead of singing along while you’re driving or feeling like you’re in a music video, you just wanna vibe, relax, melt into the music. And sometimes, no-one wants to be blasting show-tunes or throwbacks through the AirBnB while making breakfast, everyone just wants something to wake up to gently after a long day at the beach, something to ease into the day. Sometimes when you’re up on a Sunday morning, you’re not always in a chirpy mood. Sometimes Sunday mornings aren’t always smooth. Sometimes you want to put on something ambient and atmospheric, sit with your cup of coffee and just stare into space.

All of that is so okay.

Which is why I’ve found myself constantly having to press shuffle or skip songs when I’m listening to some of my playlists. Sometimes I just want something to vibe to, but inside my head. Not necessarily sing along to, or cry to, or dance in the kitchen to. Just vibe.

Thus, the creation of this playlist, vibe or die. Here’s a selection of what you’ll find, should you choose to take a highly recommended gander.

False God - Taylor Swift Human - Jon Bellion Hawaiian Party - Cub SportI LSYB - LANY Love It If We Made It - The 1975 Ego - Beyonce Do You Remember - Jarryd James Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men Moon River - Frank O

Let me know what you think! Have any songs you think fit the description? Leave a comment below and I’ll add to the mix!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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  1. questionsfromateenager

    Here it is, my confession: I stalk your Spotify playlists… A LOT. I love this playlist, have already checked it out prior to seeing this post hahaha. I also love this playlist concept, it’s something I would have never thought I needed myself but now that I read what you wrote I’m like how haven’t I not made one of these myself yet??? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priya

      AHH I LOVE YOU!! I’m so glad it gets some love from you gal hahaha, and IKR?? It wasn’t until I made the playlist that I realised how much I would actually listen to it, cos now it’s probably in the top three playlists that I play the most! x

      Liked by 1 person

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