Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 12

Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 12

Hello hello! I hope you’re all well! Today’s post is just a lil one, where I bestow upon you more songs I believe you need in your life.

You might know some of them, you might know none of them, the point is, if someone of you don’t know any of them…now you know.

Bad Gyal – Mungo’s Hi Fi, Eva LAzarus
Absolutely Smitten – dodie
Not Sorry – Paige
Make Up – Vice, Jason Derulo, Ava Max
Substance Therapy – REMI
Losing Sleep – REMI
Morning – Marc E. Bassy
Feels Natural – RINI, GOVI, Agung Mango
9 – Willo, SZA
Honest – Jay Wile
Don’t Let Me Down – Joy Crookes
High School – UMI
Honesty – Pink Sweat$
Leave Me Cold – Freddie Future
Pure – Audrey MiKa
Sweater – Spencer Sutherland
Sculpted – Tobiahs
I Don’t Exist – Olivia O’Brien
Busy Earnin’ – Jungle

Let me know what you thought?=! Did you listen to any of the songs and if so, any you enjoy in particular? Let me know in the comments below.



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A Playlist To Thank Spontaneity

Hello hello friends!

Today’s post is one of my favourites. This whole post is created around one specific day I spent out in the city with one of my favourite people in the world, Mia.

Last week Mia and I were in the city, and on a bit of a whim, decided to do something so spontaneous, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. Want to find out what we did? Whelp, guess you got to head over to Mia’s post to find out.

All I’ll tell you was that it was, spontaneous as heck.


So to celebrate the spontaneity that created a great little bonding moment for Mia and I, something we can look back on together in the future, I thought I’d create a playlist to thank that moment of spontaneous living.




So here’s a playlist, to thank spontaneity.

Street Punks On A Freight Train – Bryce Vine
Wander – Tim Atlas
Dangerous – Kaien Cruz
Gasoline – Alpine
Bad Gyal – Mungo’s Hi Fi, Eva Lazarus
Sudden – XamVolo
Nothing’s Forever (Vacation Mix) – Paces, KUCKA
Change My Mind – IV League
Chasing Highs – ALMA
Dancing In The Moonlight – Toploader
Every Day’s The Weekend – Alex Lahey
Just A Girl – No Doubt
I’m So Free – Beck
She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks
Golden Years – M-Phazes, Ruel
Not Nineteen Forever – Courteeners




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A Playlist Dedication // Summer 18/19

Hey friends. How are we?

Summer has officially come to an end here in Australia, but due to the warming of the globe, unpredictable weather, unreliable weather reports/apps and general nature of the way it all is here, the sun has been kicking it up into the next gear, meaning these last few weeks have been spectacular.

Untitled presentation.jpg

We had an incredibly rainy and wet end to 2018, but luckily 2019 showed it’s face with plenty of sunshine and great weather, which has in turn made me that much more optimistic towards this year and what it has to offer. The last three months have been fantastic weather-wise, which means I’ve actually been leaving my house. Yeah.

Untitled presentation (5)



Also, this has been my first summer with a driver’s license that allows me to drive by myself, meaning I’ve found myself heading to my friends house, planning days out, going away and driving myself to the beach a heap more. It’s been fantastic. I don’t even regret the petrol it all costs, because it’s been without a doubt, worth it.





Untitled presentation (4)

So with that said, I thought I’d do the first of what I’m hoping to be quite a few posts, a playlist dedication. I mean, my Rye//2019 playlist was the post that sparked the idea because I shared a playlist that I felt belonged to the trip and the getaway with some of my friends, so this is a playlist for this summer. I feel like I might even extend this post to people and places, rather than just times and experiences. Tell me what you think of the idea in the comments below.


Untitled presentation (1)




Untitled presentation (2)








Anyway, here’s the playlist.













Movies – Circa Waves
Aubrey – Running Touch
Sea Blue – BLOXX
Barbie Dreams – Nicku Minaj
Freaking Out The Neighborhood – Mac DeMarco
How Was Your Night – Franjapan
It Runs Through Me – Tom Misch
Losing It – Fisher
Nights Like This – Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign
Caramelo Duro – Miguel, Kali Uchis
Crave You – Flight Facilities
My Hands – Running Touch
Money – Cardi B
Join The Club – Hockey Dad
1901 (Triple J Like A Version) – Petit Biscuit
Everybody – Tash
Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I Wish I Missed My Ex – Mahalia
Better Together – Hayden James, Running Touch
Soaked – Bene
break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored – Ariana Grande
La Di Da – Lennon Stella
Casio – Jungle



Untitled presentation (3)



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The Soundtrack // Rye 2019

The Soundtrack // Rye 2019

Hello, hello and welcome back to another post!

Today’s post is a short-ish one, but one I love a lot. Over the 24th to the 26th, six of my friends and I took a 50 minute drive out of Melbourne to Rye, a popular coastal town in Victoria. We packed the cars with bathers, drinks and board games and hit the road.

It was a really easy drive, considering we left early on the Sunday morning. Because our AirBnB wasn’t available until 2pm that day, we stopped at Sorrento, where one of the boys in our group had his family’s holiday house and spent a little while there. The walk over to the beach was a short and effortless trip across the road, and the few hours we spent at Sorrento beach were incredible. We played beach frisbee, lay in the sun, listened to music and laughed plenty.


Once the AirBnB was ready, we made our first stop at the super-market to pick up food for the stay, before heading to the house, a beautiful little three bedroom, two bathroom AirBnB with the perfect kitchen and dining area for us to dump our things.



The Monday, the one full day we had in Rye, was one of my favourite days of the year. We made the short drive to Blairgowrie, where we walked down amongst the rock pools to get to a deep, blue, beautiful rock pool sitting beneath a huge rock, perfect for jumping off, which is where we spent majority of the day. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, the water was the bluest I’ve ever seen and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The rest of the day was spent making another stop at the supermarket, an hour or so at another back beach then back to the house for games and drinks.



The following day was a rush of getting the AirBnB clean and out of the house by 10am, with a pit stop for mini golf and fish and chips for lunch on the way home.


Music was constantly playing in Rye.


As soon as we were up in the morning, the UE Boom was on and it provided the perfect soundtrack for everyone to wake up one by one and come into the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs. While we all got ready for the day and drove to the beach, a selection of songs became very prominent for me personally, and of course our games and drinks late into the evening were partnered by the portable speaker sitting on the kitchen table behind us.

Here’s the Rye 2019 playlist:


Loverboy – Tash
Alright – Jordan Rakei
dear marie, i’d love to meet your mum – Cody Simpson
Killer Queen – Queen
Deep Down Low – Valentino Khan
Get To Know – Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt
My Favourite Part – Mac Miller, Ariana Grande
Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch, Zak Abel
Senorita – EDEN
How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris, Disciples
Please Me – Cardi B, Bruno Mars
Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
Feels – Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry
Be With You – RUFUS DU SOL
American Love – Smallpools
Gold Snafu – Sticky Fingers
Controlla – Drake
Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen
Rehab – Amy Winehouse




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February Tunes

February Tunes

Hello friends! I always seem to forget that February just decides to finish prematurely and I sit around thinking it’s the 29th before realising we’re now in March, so of course, with the end of the month, comes my monthly tunes! Here’s what I was listening to in February, and despite how short the month was, I had plenty of tunes to keep me going.

To Zion – Lauryn Hill: This song has to feature because I’m back on my Lauryn Hill grind after her concert this month. I nearly died and went to heaven when she sang this song. I waited so long to hear it live again, what a killer. It was such an emotional experience for me honestly, Lauryn Hill has my heart.

bury a friend – Billie EilishThis song came out this month, the world lost it’s sanity and I heard it for the first time on the radio at work. Such. A. Bop. Holy moly. I watched the music video at work as well and Jesus Christ, I can’t even imagine coming up with that type of concept and content when I was 17 years old. The music is so good and regardless of how creeped out I am about it, I can’t stop listening to this song.

Hey Bulldog – The Beatles: Bit of a random one considering the rest of the songs but I was at a friends house working on some of my own music and he threw this vinyl on his record player when we were done and it was such a great song to listen to on vinyl! Honestly Paul McCartney’s voice is so good and in this one he just sends it.

Claudio – FINNEAS: Holy moly. So towards the end of the month, Billie’s brother Finnease, who you know I’m also a huge fan of, released this song, titled after his girlfriend, Claudia. Dude’s. I was so skeptical, because I’m always skeptical of songs dedicated to partners, it’s just the pessimist in me, but this song. I’ll say it again. Holy moly. Listen to this song.

Please Me – Cardi B, Bruno Mars: I think this duo is just forever dynamic and unstoppable. This song is so good. A great jam. Would may BIG money to see it live to be honest.

SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK – Joji: Ever since featuring this song on Fiona’s Courtesy Of post, I’ve been listening to it nonstop, and it’s been added to my 356//2019 playlist as well. The first few times I listened to it I just wanted him to open his mouth a bit while singing but I’ve gotten used to it and now it only adds to the song for me.

Mine – The 1975: Oh my word this song. I feel like I’m walking through New York, all on my own, not sad but like, kinda sad, and it’s cold and I don’t know man, this song is so special. “Write rhymes I hide behind” ??? Sure thing Matty. Then there’s this saxophone that comes in, and the sax has to hands down be one of my favourite instruments to exist, and paired with the really gentle brushed snare and strings, it’s all so perfect and picturesque. Imagine writing a song that’s all about being happy with what you have? Being completely content with where you are, not needing to prove to anyone else, because you’re so sure in it. Love that. Big fan.

Faking It – Calvin Harris, Kehlani, Lil Yachty: I got fro-yo with one of my friends who plays the drums for me and we were talking about songs in the collaborative playlist we have for our sort-of-band, and he brought up this song which I added, saying it suited my voice perfectly and sounded like me which had me floored, cos Kehlani?? Biggest compliment, nearly died behind the wheel, so obviously had to play it the entire drive, and nearly every day since. 

Soaked – Bene: Had to add this one in considering I got to see Bene live this month. If you didn’t catch that blog post, you can read about it HERE.

break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored – Ariana GrandeEasily my favourite song from the entire album which she dropped today or yesterday. It’s so badass and the music video equally so. She’s killing it. Not even fair. Hopefully you’ve read my song-by-song rundown of the album, if not check it out HERE.

Heavy, California – Jungle: Jungle, Jungle, Jungle. This band is ruining my life, and I am more than happy to let them continue doing so. It’s everything about them, the vibe, the lyrics, all the intricacies in each instrument, the music videos, the mystique, it’s all there in this perfectly packaged gift to the world. Please listen to Jungle and their music.

needy – Ariana Grande: Again, she’s killing this album. So many good songs. I didn’t really vibe with this song straight away but after a few listens it’s getting up there with my favourites on the record. So cute. Such a vibe. Needy is synonymous with ‘Priya’ as well, so love that. Like I mentioned earlier, if you haven’t read my blog post all about the album, read it HERE.

Butterfly – KehlaniMother released some music finally, and I for one am loving this song. It’s super interesting, the rhythm of it and all the intricate layers that build up the song are really different. I’ve really enjoyed listening to this song while on long drives alone, and I can’t wait for her album to be released. 

Ups & Downs – Shavaun MarieI always love when people recommend me songs, and it’s become a bit of a trend between one of my close friends and I, so I was pleased as always to receive this song from her one morning, which I listened to at work. I love it. The guitar, her voice, the vibe of it. It’s a good song, a really good song, right up my alley.

When I’m Around You – Running Touch: So Running Touch released a new song this month, and I was all over it. It’s such a good one. The perfect amount of energy, a bit more of his vocals being heard which we love, and the perfect blend of Running Touch magic with a little bit of a commercial sound making it ideal for the masses, who 100% deserve to hear his music. I’ve actually booked tickets to see him with Jess in June, so stay tuned for that blog post!

I’ll Still Have Me – CynWhat a sad bloody song. I saw the music video on YouTube and it was equally as sad, which I think is why I saved it, because it was such an emotional point of the day, and watching the video made me really calm and content. Cyn’s voice is beautiful.

Into You – Julia MichaelsI was aware that Julia Michaels was releasing an album or an EP of sorts, and I saw when it came out, but I never listened to it, though Kate recommended I do so a few days ago. Finally got to sit down and have a listen, and I’ve been loving this song in particular. The songs she has with Selena Gomez and Niall Horan are both really good too.

Everybody – TashEver since my friend Laura introduced me to Tash, her song Softly has been one of my most listened to songs and she released a new one, and this one easily takes the cake. It’s so groovy, everything I’d want some of my music to be, the lyrics are great and it’s stuck in my head all the time.

Pray – Jungle: More Jungle. I’m surprised if you haven’t come to expect this recently. I can’t keep track of the amount of people I’ve ambushed with this band. I’ve made people watch all their music videos and everything. I was having lunch with my two cousins when my ears seemed to physically perk up at the song that was coming over the speakers, and I said out loud, ‘I reckon this is Jungle’, two seconds later I had Shazaam’d the song and sure enough it was them. Such a mood. I love it.

What did you listen to in February? Let me know in the comments!



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An Evening With Ms. Lauryn Hill // Live

Hello hello!

Today’s post is gonna be a rundown of one of my most anticipated concerts this year, Lauryn Hill’s 20th anniversary tour for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, one of the most iconic albums released ever in my opinion.

I spent most of the day of the concert listening to the album and a few other songs from Lauryn, before getting ready and heading into the city to meet my cousin at Flinder’s Street Station. It was getting pretty chilly so I was very grateful to have a jacket with me for the little walk we had around the city.

We decided to find something to eat for dinner before we headed to the concert, so stopped at The Oriental Teahouse, where we enjoyed some of the best fried rice, prawn and ginger dumplings and san choi bao I’ve ever had. We also had the cutest brewed ice teas in giant mason jars. It was a great dinner and a great way to start off the night.

Finishing up with dinner we jumped on the tram and made our way towards the Sidney Myer Music Bowl were the concert was being held.

It was already pretty busy by the time we got inside the grounds, but we still had plenty of time to head to the merchandise stand where I got the sickest t-shirt ever and my cousin got a really cute, high quality tote bag. Lauryn Hill did not mess around when it came to her merch. After a quick stop at the toilets before the show, we made our way down the hill and found a spot further up the back which gave us a great view of the Music Bowl as well as plenty of room to both sit down on the grass while waiting and stand up and have a boogie when the show started.





Nas was the opening act and he did an incredible job of hyping everyone up, performing plenty of his older classics as well as his more recent songs. It was the perfect opener for Lauryn Hill, clearly, and he got the crowd hyped and ready for the main show.

There was a short DJ set following Nas, where plenty of old school RnB and hip hop songs were played, and then finally it was time for Lauryn Hill.

She sang so many classics man. Lost Ones, Forgive Them Father, Final Hour, Every Ghetto Every City, Superstar, even a cover of Frankie Vallie’s Can’t Take My Eyes Of You. She obviously sang Ex-Factor and I was really hoping she’d rap over Drake’s Nice For What which he samples the song in like I’d seen her do at a concert online, but sadly she didn’t.

She made up for it by singing To Zion though, just as I was reaching peak enjoyment, and I think everyone around my cousin and I could hear us singing (screaming) along. After The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill she got Nas onstage to perform If I Ruled The World which had everyone going mental. Lauryn fans and Nas fans all collectively lost control and screamed the entire song back to them.




Watching her on stage, squinting to see her in the flesh or even watching her on the huge screens, was mesmerising. She was so in control over everything little thing that was happening on stage, and her band were incredible in keeping up with her, taking note of when she decided to improvise, pushing through when she asked more of them.

Throughout all of this year and most of last year, all the feedback I heard about Lauryn Hill and her show was that she was a huge diva. I’ll say this, definitely see how that could be the case. But, whoever is doing her sound system and backline should lift their game. There were a few sound issues towards the start and throughout the concert it was clear that Lauryn was trying to tell them she couldn’t hear herself or anything coming from the fold-back, regardless of how flawlessly she was performing. It was only by the last half of the set that everything slipped into place and settled, but for an artist such as Lauryn Hill, that should not have been an issue in the first place, so if she was being a diva? Damn right she should be a diva. Her messages throughout the concert of acceptance and love and social responsibility were spot on and got everyone cheering for her, so to be fair, I can handle her being a bit of a diva if it means she puts on the show that she did.

She really decided to end with a bang, performing Doo Wop (That Thing)  next, which kept the momentum going. By this point I don’t think anyone was left sitting down, my cousin and I and everyone around us were all up having a groove.


The final song she performed was Killing Me Softly and I swear I nearly started crying. It was such a great song, she performed beautifully and it blew all my expectations and memories of Blues Fest out of the water.




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Courtesy Of: Fiona

Courtesy Of: Fiona
Hello, hello and welcome back!
Today’s post is a fun one, courtesy of the lovely Fiona, from Questions From A Teenager! If you haven’t checked out her blog already, I highly recommend you do. Not only is her blog one of my favourite’s here on WordPress, but Fiona is also one of my favourite people on the platform, part of my imaginary little girl gang on here, which made receiving an email with her top ten favourite songs at the moment all the more exciting!
Check out what Fiona’s been loving, down below, and let me know what you think in the comments below!
Between The Bars – Elliott Smith: What a beautiful song??? I can’t believe I’ve never heard this song. So nostalgic, and sad and emotional to listen to. The guitar and Elliott’s voice match perfectly.
SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK – Joji: Love, love, love. This song has been in my peripheral’s for a while but I’ve never listened to it until getting this list from Fiona. I love it. There, I said it. So much so that I made it my song for the day in my 365 playlist for 2019, which you can check out HERE. It’s so ethereal, but Joji’s voice is so strong and powerful at the same time, and it’s a beautiful blend.
Summer Games – Drake: A great song. One of my favourite Drake songs, ever, hands down, which made me super happy to see this song on her list.
Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood: Ooohhh preteen Priya is cheering at this pick. Such a great song, The Neighbourhood is so great, all the songs are fantastic, but you’d be hard to have missed this a few years ago when it was flooding the internet. I love it, Fiona loves it, hopefully you love it.
Hey Ya! – Outkast: I mean, can you blame her? Always was and always will be, a bop. This song is just memory central, all the time. I will openly judge you if you say you don’t like this song and can resist dancing or singing along.
Dark Red – Steve Lacy: Steve Lacy, one of the most underrated artists to ever exist. If you haven’t heard his solo stuff, you’ve surely heard his guitar playing in his band The Internet, and if you’ve yet to hear either, please pause and check some of his music out before continuing – just make sure you come back.
Nothing Lasts – Bedroom: Another song I’ve never heard, and of that, I am shameful. What a song. I really love the guitar and the bass in this song, which are some of the most prominent factors, but I feel like this song makes for the perfect summer montage song. Only after going into Bedroom’s Spotify page did I realise it’s the same musician who released TEST SPOT, another beautiful song Fiona introduced me to!
Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun: Sometimes I forget that this song exists and then I listen to it and have to tell myself off for every forgetting it’s there. I can never find it in myself to skip this song, and for good reason too, I don’t think anyone doesn’t have a memory or a nostalgic feeling towards this song.
Oh! You Pretty Things – David Bowie: Okay, so I feel like a fraud because David Bowie is honestly someone I never, ever listen to. I feel like I should pay homage to him and have this huge love for him like nearly every other musician, but I just don’t. Mad respect, but never got around his music or anything. That said, I understand why this song is on Fiona’s list. It’s a great song, and maybe I can get around it after listening to it a bit more. We shall see.
Garden Shed – Tyler, The Creator: Again, another artist I don’t listen to much, but when I do listen to a Tyler, The Creator song, I never end up hating it. I have indeed listened to Garden Shed, and definitely understand why it’s made the cut. The guitar in this song is beautiful and it takes you on a great journey. So sonically pleasing to listen to.
So yeah! Hopefully you all enjoyed Fiona’s top ten picks! I know I sure did, and make sure to check out her blog, which you can find HERE. She’s one of my favourites here on WordPress, like I mentioned earlier, and I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy over there!



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