June Tunes

June Tunes

Friends. June is done. It’s over.

It’s slightly crazy for me to wrap my head around (someone please tell me they’re just as confused as I am) that half the year is done, and we’re moving through 2018 like a bloody freight train. The only good thing to come out of the end of each month, is one of my favourite posts, my monthly tunes.

Apologies for the slight delay on this post – I don’t have an excuse, I’ve just been slacking.

Here’s what I was listening to in June.

February 3rd – Jorja Smith: Honestly, if you haven’t given Jorja Smith a go by now, I can’t try and convince you much more. Jorja’s been featuring on this blog since it’s conception, and thanks to her recently released album, have fun looking forward to a few more songs from Jorja being shoved down your throats. You’re welcome.

Rich – Maren Morris: This was a song I heard for the first time at Niall Horan’s concert, when Maren opened for him at Margaret Court Arena, and it’s was one of my absolute favourites. So much so that when I came home, it was the song I turned on straight away and added to my playlist. It’s my favourite type of country song, think Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood, 10/10 would recommend for a road trip with the gals.

The Tide – Niall Horan: Obviously I had to include a song from Niall considering I finally got to see him live. Like I mentioned in my post about the concert, this is one of my favourite Niall Horan songs, and he did it absolute justice.

Wouldn’t Leave – Kanye West: So Kanye also released, a lot of music, and to be quite honest with you, I haven’t dedicated enough time to listen to it all, however I’ve been keeping this on repeat since I first heard it. The vocals in it are so beautiful, as are the lyrics of the rapping, and I generally have it stuck it in my head for hours after listening to it.

His Eye On The Sparrow – Tanya Blount, Lauryn Hill: I can’t think, for the life of me, why this song suddenly popped back up on my radar, but I caught myself really going for it whenever it came up on shuffle, going so hard that I ended up adding it to my regular playlist. It’s such a classic hymn, and you know I get around anything that Lauryn Hill touches.

Alone – Halsey, Big Sean, Stefflon Don: Since she released her first album, I haven’t given Halsey the time of day, except for her song with G Eazy but holy moly this song. Watch the music video, then just listen to the song over and over again like I have since it’s been released and try and tell me you don’t get Great Gatsby vibes. It’s such an ethereal song, but like, you gotta be in some type of mood for this song. Big Sean also goes hard in this one, which I always appreciate.

Boys Will Be Boys – Stella Donelly: Blog post pending on this one, but in the meantime, give it a listen and cry/riot/sob/shake your fists with me.

Give Yourself A Try – The 1975: Big cheers for The 1975 releasing new music. I can’t wait for the album, as I mentioned on my Instagram, (linked at the bottom of my posts), and I’ve been really, really vibing with this one. First two lines really hit you in the face, and capture the entire essence of the song. This is one of those songs that I listened to fully because of the music, but really became obsessed with because of the lyrics. Have a read of the lyrics, they’re phenomenal.

Hey Ya – Sweater Beats, KAMAU: This. Song. This cover. Is amongst the greats. It’s everything that you ever wanted, but nothing you could ever expect, especially from such a well-known, popular song. It hits you right in the gut, but in the best possible way. It never fails to hype me the heck up.

Acid Rain – Thomston: Thomston’s been played quite a bit on Triple J, so I credit this song to another moment where I heard it playing on the radio at work and nearly tripped over a large pile of music stands to shazaam it. It takes it’s time building up, but once it does, it’s magic and his voice is so smooth. I love everything about this song. Especially the final chorus when he kinda takes it to church.

Dope On A Rope – The Growlers: Honestly, this song has been on high rotation at our house, either from myself, or my little sister. She featured The Growlers in her Courtesy Of, and I’m glad that she’s jumped on the train, because I can’t think of a single song from them that I don’t love, however this is 100%, without a doubt, my favourite.

The Night We Met – Lord Huron: Oh the magic. The ethereal, atmospheric magic. For the full effect and analysis of why I love this song so much, check out the entire Lord Huron album review I did.

Boo’d Up – Ella Mai: Miss Ella Mai is finally kicking off into popular rotation, and I’m loving life. This song is a bop and a half, and I’ve been loving hearing it more and more. It’s so reminiscent of an old school, late 90’s, early 2000’s RnB song, which is why I probably like it so much. That and how fun the chorus is to sing. Have a crack.

1950 – King Princess: I’ve been hearing this song all over the place, but I never tried to find it or figure out what the name of it was, until I watched a Genius video on YouTube featuring King Princess and this song, which in turn made me search it out and become obsessed all over again.

Come Over – The Internet: I stumbled across this music video on YouTube early in the month, and the combination of funky bass, colourful video scheme and Steve Lacy guitar solo had me jamming to this song for the rest of the month.

I Do – Cardi B, SZA: Cardi continues to come through with so many good tunes from Invasion Of Privacy, and this is my new pick from the album. While I’ll always be devoted to Ring, featuring Kehlani, this is a nice side piece. Both ladies kill it in this. This is also a very effective song to put on any gym playlists friends.

Something About You – AYDAN: The past few months we’ve had The Voice Australia on our TV screens, and it only wrapped up last month, but an acquaintance of mine was on it this season. Aydan managed to come fourth, which was phenomenal for him, and he’s already kicking off, releasing this artist single, and heading off on a tour around the country soon. I’d love to hear what you think of this song, because I love it so much, as biased as I am. Also definitely check out some of his performances, he honestly killed it every week.

Magnolia – Gang of Youths: It seems that every month I find another Gang Of Youths song to pull to the top of my playlists, and this month it’s Magnolia. I have this saying, ‘The saddest songs are the raddest songs’ and this song encompasses this saying entirely. It’s a story of a night when David, the lead singer, nearly ended his life, and at the end of it all, found himself sitting under a magnolia tree while his manager, who had saved him, spoke to police officers. It’s a hugely powerful song, and I can’t wait to really feel the atmosphere when I see them live.

Better Now – Post Malone: Honestly, aside from the few that I really, really love, I don’t listen to a lot of Post Malone in my spare time, however I’ve found myself continually turning this song to hype me. What for? We don’t know. Hype me up for the day ahead, while I’m making breakfast seems to be the go-to in the last couple of weeks, and I’m not mad about it.

Ginger – Riton, Kah-Lo: Holy moly. If you like bangers, give this one a listen. This one goes hard. I can’t remember, once again, how I found it, but I’ve been loving it. Don’t listen to it while driving. You’ll edge over the speed limit without noticing. But all other contexts and settings are fair game.

Bed – Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj: The dynamic duo returned, and while it’s definitely no Side To Side 2.0, I’m loving it. I only listened to this for the first time a few days ago, but if the rest of Ariana’s album sounds like this song, I will have zero problems with it, and you can count me as a fan of it.

So those were the tunes for last month, definitely can’t wait to see what funky music July brings!



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May Tunes

May Tunes

Hello hello and welcome to the end of another month that has simultaneously seemed to last forever, but pass in the blink of an eye. I’ve been slightly absent in the sense that I’m writing this post with the intent to post it straight away, rather than my usual scheduling gig that I play at the beginning of every week, where I bulk write my posts for the next week and take it easy for a couple of days.

That said, let’s jump into this months favourite songs. Like my April Tunes, there are a ton of good ones here because May was just as good a month for music as the previous one.


Let Me – Zayn: Okey. Dokey. I’ve been listening to this song a ton. So much so that it’s popped up as the top track for my monthly Visualify result. If you aren’t familiar with Visualify, check out my post. I can’t decide if it’s how chill this song is, how much I jam to the chorus or how much I love the music video that keeps me in love with this song. Possibly my favourite song Zayn has ever released.

The Hills – The Weeknd: If you read my post all about SKAM and the amazing music that featured on the Norwegian internet series, then you’ll know this song featured on the playlist I created from it, because of how much I love it and the ambience it brought to the particular episode. I found this re-ignited love for The Weeknd, and it coincided perfectly with new music that Abel released, so the love is strong at the moment.

God Don’t Leave Me – Highasakite: Refer to my post about SKAM again, because I shazaam’d the shit out of this song when it first appeared on the show, and I continued to get shivers each time it was used throughout the series as a motif type of song. It’s beautiful, and I’ve been showing everyone. Some get it, some don’t.

Sweet – Brockhampton: I’m aware of the controversy surrounding the group at the moment in regards to one of their members, so before I get into how much I frigging love this song I’ll say this; I 100% back their decision to remove him from the group, regardless if Ameer was a founding member or not. But other than that, this song is a bop. I heard it in the gym first, and quite literally stopped what I was doing to go over to the music selector-thing on the wall to see what it was, before adding it to my playlist straight after. I love it.

2002 – Anne Marie: This song is amazing. It’s been played on the radio a ton, and regardless of that or how much I love Anne Marie’s voice, my favourite part of this song is the chorus. The first time I heard it, I was in the car with my dad, and the chorus struck me as something I could sing along to straight away, because I knew it a little too well. So I googled the lyrics during the second chorus, and sure enough. The chorus is made up of song titles from a bunch of early 2000s songs, like Bye Bye Bye by *NSYNC and 99 Problems by Jay Z. Not surprising that the song is also co-written Ed Sheeran.

This Is America – Childish Gambino: Honestly if you haven’t read my review/analysis/rant on the song and more importantly, the music video…what are you doing?

Chun Li – Nicki Minaj: I have to say. I thought I was a Barbie Tingz gal, I really did. The April Tunes Priya was positive that Barbie Tingz was her favourite of the two fresh releases that Nicki dropped on us. But a month is a long time and apparently I’ve changed as a person, because nothing gets me as hype as Chun-Li does, I promise.

Youth – Shawn Mendes, Khalid: I love this song. I love Shawn Mendes’ album. I love Khalid. What more do you want from me?

Cuz You’re My Girl – Young Heazy: As is the case with many of my discoveries, I couldn’t tell you how I found this song. I have an inkling of a feeling that it was through the creation of my ‘mood’ playlist. I probably just really vibe’d with it to the point that I added it to my yearly playlist for 2018, meaning I listen to it nearly everyday. No regrets.

Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Ahhh, the ultimate 16-17 year old party song. I can practically smell the alcohol each time I hear this song. So tell me why I continue to listen to it in full length every time it comes on. We’re all wondering why.

Bright – Zayn: Another one of my favourite’s by Zayn. It’s in my Top Five songs from his album, solely for how much he breaks it down after the first verse.

A-Z – Ziggy Ramo: I wrote a post on Ziggy Ramo a little while back, and I’ve had my eye on him ever since. Thankfully he released a new song, and Triple J were quick to start spinning it. I vibe’d with this one straight away because how groovy it is. This song, for some reason, sounds like university to me. Or at least my university experience. And nothing bad about it, but like it sounds the way I would imagine the soundtrack to catching the train into the city, walking around between classes, having $9 pizza and drinks with friends and being in the midst of it all, would sound. I don’t know. Don’t quote me.

Be Careful – Cardi B: Ooohh. I can’t say this is my favourite song on Invasion of Privacy, because that’s reserved for the next song, but melodically, it definitely is up there. I love Cardi’s lyrics in this, and the singing that she does, is really nice to hear. I also have a cheeky cover of this song saved on my phone to put up on Instagram one day when my feed feels a bit dry.

I Like It – Cardi B, Bad  Bunny, J Balvin: My favourite. My absolute favourite song at the moment. I nearly shrieked when my lecturer put in on before our class last week. I’m not sure how you can’t not like this song. Cardi’s incred, Bad Bunny is perfection, and J Balvin is incapable of putting a foot wrong, so there are not problems with this tune at all.

2000 n Something – Kaiit: Loving this Melbourne gal at the moment. She’s been making some more moves around the Melbourne live music circuit recently, and I’m loving seeing her doing some more gigs and making more music on her Instagram. I love her voice, I love the groove of this song, the funk in it, and the scatting I’m telling.

Heartless – Madison Beer: No one, please, in my presence, ever, hang shit on Madison Beer. For any reason. Listen to As She Pleases, the entire album, and tell me she can’t sing. I dare you. This song is of my favourites from the album, and that’s saying something considering how many of those songs I play on a weekly basis.

Where Were You In The Morning – Shawn Mendes: My fave from the album. Hands down. It’s progressed to the number one spot ever since the release. I love it so much. It’s so different from what Shawn’s released in the past. I’ve especially loved watching a couple of interviews where Shawn explicitly talks about the style and sound of the album and how aware he is of the disparity and growth in his music because hearing musicians talk about personal growth could keep me happy for hours.

Youngblood – 5 Seconds Of Summer: My thirteen year old sister got me onto this song. I heard it, listened to it when it came on in the car, and tolerated the constant babble about the song, considering my enjoyment of 5 Seconds of Summer kind of faded as the years passed. But this song, this song has literally slapped me in the face this past week with how much I’ve been playing it. And how loud. To the point where my sister is telling me to shut up. Oh how the tables have turned.

Don’t Let Me Down – Sabrina Claudio, Khalid: Question: can Sabrina Claudio do anything event remotely wrong? Answer: Absolutely not. Listen to this song and let your uncontrollable groove do the talking.

In The Dark – Alice Kristiansen: Obsessed is putting it lightly when it comes to this song. If you’re not familiar with Alice, I wrote a whole blog post dedicated to this singer, and this song from her EP is my favourite, on regular rotation.

I’m Feeling You – Rak-Su: As I sometimes do, I got lost down the rabbit whole of X Factor auditions, and came across a favourite, Rak-Su from the UK series. However, for the first time I thought to search for them on Spotify, and was congratulated with some absolute bops on their artist page, including their original song from their audition that had dollar signs floating above Simon Cowell’s head and love hearts popping in Nicole’s eyes. 10/10. Would recommend.


And that’s it ya’ll! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the music for May. Some good belters, amazing tunes to boogie too, I’ve loved them all. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed any of the songs mentioned above!



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April Tunes

April Tunes

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.05.39 pm


April has come to a close, which means it’s time for another wrap-up of my favourite tunes from this month. There’s a lot to get through, April was an amazing month for music, so let’s get into it.


THE ENTIRE HARRY STYLES’ ALBUM: If you didn’t catch my post all about it, which you should’ve so pause, have a read of it, and come back, I went to see Harry Styles live, and I was re-birthed, my sins were washed away, my skin cleared and I was born again. The man isn’t real, we’ve come to the conclusion, which means the chances of his album being literally hypnotic…is high. My appreciation for the album in it’s entirety was revitalised at the show, and in the days following the 24th night, I’ve done nothing but blast the album and lie on the floor wearing my bright yellow “TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS” merch shirt. I’m sure you sympathise with me.

Lost In Japan – Shawn Mendes: This could quite possibly be my favourite song Shawn has ever released. I have a theory that he was coming off a cold or a cough when he recorded this because I’m living for the husk in his voice in this song. I also get major Justin Timberlake vibes and I love it. The song is so groovy and I can’t help but boogie to it.

Hold Me Down – Daniel Caesar: You could probably count on one hand the amount of monthly favourites I’ve had that don’t have anything Daniel Caesar on there, and for good reason. Everything the guys has put out is magic. This is soon becoming my favourite D.Caesar song, and I listen to it nearly every day. Also, highly recommend you watch THIS video, for some choreography that makes this song ten times better. It honestly makes you hear the song in a whole new way, musically.

Olé – John Newman: had to Shazaam this song when I heard it in a little surf shop in Byron Bay, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was by Newman. He’s got a great voice but I haven’t had him on my radar or heard much from him recently, and this was such a fun find. Regardless of the fact that we’re steadily heading into winter over here in Australia, it’s a perfect beach-y summer song. It immediately puts me in a good mood.

Motivation – Benjamin Booker: If you haven’t read my second Byron File, all about Benjamin, definitely check it out. This song has been on repeat since Kate and I left the Jambalaya Tent after his set, and it’s only making my love for his rough, roots sound grow.

Daddy’s Got A Gun – Molly Millington: Along the same lines as the last song, I first heard this song, and of Molly Millington at BluesFest, and she was the first of my  Byron File series (don’t worry I have some more coming). It’s such a good song to s(cream)ing along to, and it’s the perfect blend of country, roots and pop. Punches you in the gut, this song.

Where The Wind Blows – SameTime: Again, I discovered SameTime at BluesFest and am just patiently waiting for them to blow up. They didn’t sing this song at the festival, but it’s their only song on Spotify, which I am in no way complaining about. It’s soft, gentle, riddled with magical harmonies, and the perfect song to begin your SameTime journey with. Highly recommend.

Raspberry Beret – Prince: You’re definitely sick me talking about BluesFest, so this is the last one, but getting to see Prince’s band performing his music live was a once in a lifetime experience, and this was one of those songs that never really had me hooked until I heard it live. I loved it so much during the first set we watched, and eagerly awaited for it when we watched them the second time around.

All To You – Sabrina Claudio: Sabrina is the sauce queen I swear. Nothing she’s released has been anything less than  incredible. She continues to put out the smoothest, sweetest vocal performances on all her tracks and I am infinitely jealous, this is no different.

Confidence – Ocean Alley: If you recall my post all about Tunes Of I, then it may interest you to know that they are currently touring Australia, as the opening act for these guys, Ocean Alley. Confidence has been making the rounds on Triple J and I have a right old groove every time it comes on at work.

Too Far Gone – Vince The Kid, KIAN: Another discovery courtesy of Triple J, this song has had me feeling all sorts of feelings. It’s so smooth but the rap hits you so hard, and then the vocals from KIAN are so beautiful and soft, and you kind of want to cry but you’re also bopping your head up and down while you’re listening to it and it’s an experience.

ili – TroyBoi: I had to send this out to my friends on SnapChat because it was a mind-blowing moment for me. Not only is the introduction so nostalgic and classic as heck, but you can feel the the intensity rising as it gets further and further into the song, and then you’re hit with a jaw-dropping break into the song. If you love a song that smacks you in the face, this one is for you. Note; extremely satisfying to listen to in the car at a high volume.

Campfire – Amine, Injury Reserve: My love for Amine continues to prevail this month, and he only fed it by releasing this bop. It’s kinda rude not to dance a bit to this one, PLUS the music video is all types of moods.

Smoke Too Much – JOY: This song came up as a recommendation for me on Spotify and I’m glad I gave it a chance because it’s become one of my most played songs this month. JOY’s voice is so angelic and soft, but this song has got a really decent bass line that completely transforms the feel of it.

Ring – Cardi B, Kehlani: Undoubtedly my favourite song from Invasion of Privacy, two queens collaborating on a song, specifically these two queens, was always bound to go off. I doubt anyone will ever know how much I wanted to be at Coachella seeing Kehlani crash Cardi’s set to sing this song.

Let Me – Zayn: Another legend to release some new stuff was old pal Zayn. I really like this one. It’s a lot gentler and a little less aggressive than the music he’s put out in the past, and it showcases his voice incredibly. I’m probably in love with the chorus, and I love the Indian drum line that flows through the song. It’s a good one. 100% recommend giving it a listen.

Barbie Tingz – Nicki Minaj: One of the greatest returns of the year, Nicki dropped two tracks in April, and Barbie Tingz is definitely my favourite of the two. Because I love the two ladies so much, I have to pretend that it isn’t a song literally coming for Cardi, but once I forget that, this song goes off.

Body – Sinead Harnett: I found this song on YouTube when she recorded a live performance of it for the COLOR channel. I’d never heard of the song before, despite hearing of Sinead, but I fell in love straight away. If you watch the video, let me know if you get the major Jessie J vibes, because I love the blend so much. Side-note; I just stopped in the middle of writing this post because I just got lost down a rabbit-hole of COLOR SHOW videos on YouTube for a good half an hour- have a good time.

PICK IT UP – Famous Dex, A$AP ROCKY: Can’t honestly remember how I found this song but I’m glad I did. The old school vibe with such bouncy and catching rapping, layered with the synth line that’s weaved throughout, it’s such a fun time.

Kill V. Main – Grimes: Another popular artist who seems to pop up every month for me, this song is usually hit or miss for most people. You either love it or you hate it. After watching the music video, I definitely understand how some of Grimes’ stuff can be a bit too intense and out there for some people, but I bloody love this song. Not sure if it beats Venus Fly, but it’s definitely close.

lovely – billie eilish, Khalid: This was such a long-coming duet to be honest. It was a collaboration I didn’t know I was waiting for until it was released and it seemed like the most obvious pairing in the world. They did not disappoint, and delivered one of the most poignant songs of the year so far for me, which considering their young ages, is stupid incredible.

Hello – PRETTYMUCH: The dudes released some new music recently, and besides their song Healthy, I’ve been listening to this one a ton. I love how chilled out this one is. Have a listen to both Hello and Healthy, some of the best one’s PRETTYMUCH have released in my opinion. I jam to them both far too often.

Summer Breeze – Chris Brown: This is a bop and a half. I listen to it a ton while on the train and I thoroughly enjoy blasting it through the house when no-one’s home. That’s all I really have for this one. You need to listen to it because it’s everything I’m loving about Chris Brown at the moment.

Done For Me – Charlie Puth, Kehlani: I’ve mentioned this song in my Quick Shares post, and nothing has changed. I still love this song, still obsessed with both their voices regardless of how biased I am towards Lani, and I’m still caught on the bass line. Only now I’ve infected my family since the song has made it’s way onto the radio here, and we’re all grooving to it.

Nice For What – Drake: I love this song so much. Ever since I first heard it a couple days ago I’ve been playing it non-stop. The old school vibe, the backing vocals and the music video too! Literally so many queens in one video, it’s a bit too much to handle, you have to check it out.

KOD – J. Cole: I had a hard time choosing between this song and Motiv8, but this song ultimately won out (check out Motiv8 too though). I’ve been loving this song since Cole released the album, so much. The hook is catchy as heck, and I found myself mouthing the words at all times of the day.

No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande: Another highly anticipated return, I’m not one to usually jump on whatever Ariana puts out as soon as it’s released, but I was really eager to hear what she’d provide, and boy did she provide. I can’t even pin point exactly why I love this song so much.

Anna/Medicine – Harry Styles: I had to throw these in together, just because they aren’t released yet, but I’ve watched the YouTube video with the audio and lyrics enough to be absolutely obsessed with them both, especially Medicine. Check out my post on the concert for a complete rundown.


It took a little while but we finally got to the end. I’ve been loving all these songs so much this month, but I’d love to hear what you were listening to during April! Let me know in the comments!




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March Tunes

March Tunes

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.05.39 pm


Hello my friends! I apologise for the lack of content up in the last week or so, I promise that will be explained soon. I also know that we are four days into April already, so I’m a little later than usual, but better late than never, so here’s my favourite songs during the month of March.


Dark Red – Steve Lacy: Obsessed. With. This. Song. The guitar, Steve’s singing, the lyrics and the whole style of the song especially during the chorus. I love it so much, it’s such a chilled out, easy to listen to song, it’s hard not to love it.

Money – Amine: Ahhh. My man. This song has been a constant favourite since some time last year, and it’s made a reappearance on this month’s favourites. If you haven’t had a listen by now, you’re seriously missing out.

Bum Bum Tam Tam – MC Fioti, J Balvin, Stefflon Don, Future, Juan Magan: This song is everything I love about latin music and reggaeton, and as the wave from Despacito and Mi Gente slowly moves past, this song is steadily fitting that hole in my heart. Check at Matt Steffanina’s dance choreography to the song as well since it played a huge role in how obsessed with this song I am.

She’s A Genius – Jet: This song is on the list, like several, due to going to a gig for the band. I wrote about the night on a seperate blog post, so feel free to check it out too, but this song became a new favourite after the night was done!

Stir Fry – Migos: My whole family, bar my mum, love this song. For some unknown reason, it comes on in the car whenever my sister, my dad and I are on the way to the gym and we hype the heck up. Dance moves and all.

About You – G Flip: Get. Around. G Flip. I promise you you won’t regret it. She uploaded a song onto Triple J Unearthed, and I think within four hours it was getting airplay on Triple J and she was blowing up around Australia. Since then she’s performed in the States and she’s sold out a headlining tour here in Australia. I’m so keen to hear more from her.

Heaven – Julia Michaels: I’ve time and time again advocated that you can 100% be in love with a song. That goes for this song. In love. The lyrics, the style, the music, Julia’s voice, I love it all. I listen to it more than several times a day, especially on the way into university on the train.

Straight Up & Down – Bruno Mars: This was my Bruno Mars warm-up song before I saw him live at Rod Laver Arena. I’d seen him perform it at his live Apollo Theatre concert special that had been aired on TV twice before the concert so I was amped enough as it was.

Chunky – Bruno Mars: This was my post Bruno Mars groove song. It was one of my favourites he performed during the concert, but this song has always been on of my top picks from the album.

Barcelona – Ed Sheeran: I don’t think I’d ever listened to this song as much as I did before and after the concert, you can also check out that post too! I listened beforehand because of how much I found I liked the song, and afterwards because I was shattered he didn’t sing it.

Moon River – Frank Ocean: If there’s anything you do after reading this post, make sure it’s listening to this cover. The Andy William’s one is a classic, and I’ve loved it for ages, but I have to say, I much prefer Ocean’s cover. It’s such a different take on the song, but he nails it in a completely different light. His voice is honey on this song as well, so there’s always that to appreciate if the adaptation isn’t your thing.

Dear Richard – Just Like Fruit: I mentioned in my post all about Just Like Fruit, that this was easily my favourite song from the band and nothing has changed.

Last To Leave – Louis The Child, Caroline Ailin: I found this song after watching a Jake Kodish dance video. There’s something about the dude’s choreography that makes me fall in love with all the songs he chooses, and this was no different.

Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran: I screamed really loudly when this played at his concert. Like very loudly. I didn’t expect it to come up on the setlist, but I’m so glad it did because it’s such a fun song to listen to as well as sing along to.

Flesh Without Blood – Grimes: If you don’t know about my deep love for Grimes, definitely have a read of the post I did dedicated to the girl, because she is slowly becoming a musical hero of mine. This song makes you want to move in any way possible, like I can’t sit still while listening to it, it’s just not possible.

Venus Fly – Grimes: Another song by Grimes, and this was the song that got me hooked onto her. I’ve mentioned this song in playlists time and time again and I can’t see myself not enjoying the song any time soon.

Spice Girl – Amine: Another old favourite. Definitely up there in my top five Amine songs. You’re missing out if you haven’t heard this song.

Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky, Chris Brown: This song is so stupid. But it’s so good. The lyrical content is humour hip hop, nothing serious at all, but the production of it makes it such a catchy song that I find myself listening to it, singing it, humming it or just thinking about it in my head at least once a day. It’s a little bit of an issue. I spoke about the song in my Quick Shares post, so definitely give that a read.

Let Me Down Easy – Gang Of Youths: A favourite song for 2018, easily. I saw GOY live at Let Go Fest in January, and they’ve remained on of my favourite bands, I can honestly listen to them anywhere at anytime.

Done For Me – Charlie Puth, Kehlani: Hopefully you’ve heard this song. I pray you’ve heard this song. If you haven’t check out one of my recent posts of Quick Shares, I go in depth about my love for Done For Me, and everything that’s right about this song. If you don’t have the time, just give the song a listen and I’m sure you’ll understand my obsession with it.

Either Way – K.Michelle, Chris Brown: This is a song you listen to when you need to feel absolutely great about yourself or just pump yourself up. I love this song, purely for that reason. Feeling crap? Give this song a listen and I’m my biggest hype-man.

Polygraph Eyes – YUNGBLUD: I spoke about this song in my Quick Shares post as well, but it’s such a hard-hitting song, with a really powerful and impactful message, you can’t help but feel grateful for YUNGBLUD being so blunt and upfront about the topic he sings about in this song. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat I swear.

Best Friend – Rex Orange County: Get in the car, roll down the windows and bob your head cos this is the feel good shit. I can’t help but feel happy when listening to this song, as is the usual consensus with listening to a lot of Rex Orange County’s music. It’s fool-proof.


So yes, that’s what I was listening to in the month of March. I have some exciting posts coming up, a ton of new music and photos to share, I’m probably looking forward to it a lot more than you are!


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February Tunes

February Tunes

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Compared to January which genuinely seemed to last a whole two years, February has flown past, well at least personally for me. It was definitely a great month for music, and I found a bunch of new favourites, attended some incredible gigs, and continued to obsess over old classics. But rather than continuing to ramble, let’s get into the songs I was loving during February!


Best Part – Daniel Caesar ft H.E.R: This song came about when the dude who accompanied me for my recent gig, which I’ll probably write a post about soon, suggested we cover it for the set. It was probably the best suggestion ever, because it soon became one of my favourite songs, and it was a crowd favourite at the show. I had quite a few strangers and friends approaching me to tell me how much they loved it, and it’s definitely earned place in any future sets we do!

Spice Girl – Amine: I wrote an incredibly tiny blog post about this song, way back, and I continue to love it and play it way too many times for it to be healthy. It’s one of my favourites by Amine. I have so much I could say about Amine, but I don’t want to waste time and drone on and on for you.

Heebiejeebies – Amine ft Kehlani: Literal mum and dad. I love both these artists, so this song was like a blessing from above when I discovered it. I can only hope I get the chance to hear it live from the two of them. I showed one of my friends this song and he now comes into work humming it and loving it just as much as I do.

Sober – Childish Gambino: Another song that was featured in my show setlist, hence why I listened to it a ton during February. Probably one of my favourite songs by Childish Gambino ever.

Future Heroine – Ecca Vandal: If you didn’t catch my post all about Let Go Fest, stop what you’re doing, pause reading, and go check it out, to hear about my intense experience with this angel. A standout moment for this year already.

Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish: This was my preparation song before I saw Billie Eilish live at The Howler.  I’m sure everyone is the same, you just binge the music you’re about to hear live to pump you up and make sure you’re on your A game! I also did a cheeky cover of it over on my Instagram.

Edge Of Town – Middle Kids: Again, another act to come out of Let Go Fest, and another band to kick start my obsessive tendencies. I can’t recall how loudly I screamed this song out, but it was a combination of Ecca’s entire set, this particular song and some Gang of Youths (which I am surely about to get to) that really ensured I had no voice whatsoever the following Sunday.

The Heart Is A Muscle – Gang Of Youths: Arguably, my favourite song from Gang Of Youths. I have received several Snapchats from one of my friends zooming into my username on the sidebar of Spotify and asking if I’m alright, considering listened to this one song for three days straight. I’m fine.

Grows Old – Thirdstory: I knew of Thirdstory, I just never really delved too deep into their music, and I can’t for the life of me remember how I came about this song but God bless that I did. It nearly made me cry, it’s so beautiful, please give it a listen. The harmonies continue to give me shivers, no matter how many times I listen to it.

Counting Sheep – SAFIA: This song is linked directly to a moment at Let Go Fest (yet again, I’m sorry), of lifting my best friend Jess up onto my shoulders for half of it, and then probably the height of the apple ciders where no-one actually cared for anything but the music. Such a trippy song though, give it a listen.

My Love Is Gone – SAFIA: See above.

End Of Time – Ecca Vandal: This is one of the Ecca songs that I wasn’t extremely familiar with, but after watching her sing it live, I could not contain how much I loved it, and it’s been a new fave.

My Boy – Billie Eilish: I feel like everyone can relate to this, but I usually go into a concert or gig with one song that I need to hear and am just waiting for in anticipation, and I leave absolutely in love with a completely different song. This was my leaving song. I always loved it, but hearing Billie sing it live, and seeing her energy connecting to the insane crowd made me appreciate it ten times more.

Pineapple Skies – Miguel: Believe it or not, but I’ve barely listened to Miguel’s recent album, and this is the only song I’ve bothered to listen to more than once. This song makes me immensely happy. The start is so light and airy, but then his voice is like a literal kick in the guts and I’m not mad about it at all.

Mistake – Middle Kids: Please refer to ‘My Boy – Billie Eilish’ for an in-depth explanation of my feelings towards this song. I heard this song, and somehow learnt the chorus after the second time they sang it, and spent the rest of the song screeching the lyrics I knew from the front of the mosh pit while trying not to get my ribs crushed from the barrier and that my friends, is a mood.

All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar, SZA: No-one, say a word about Black Panther because I haven’t seen it yet, and aside from Ragnarok, I’ve never been so excited for a Marvel film in my entire life. The fact that Kendrick also produced the soundtrack makes me very happy and I would definitely appreciate the Grammy he deserves because of it.

Let Me Down Easy – Gang Of Youths: Another song from the absolute legends. They have 100% been the go-to for the entire month of February and I’m not mad about it. This is my second favourite song and my family don’t appreciate me screaming the lyrics whenever it’s on, which is often.

Magnolia – Gang Of Youths: Surely you don’t need another explanation?

Confidently Lost – Sabrina Claudio: Yo. Okay. Dudes. This song, this girl, this voice, I’ve lost my mind. She is currently one of my all time favourite female singers and I literally only actually listened to her music for the first time earlier this month. I wrote a whole post about Sabrina Claudio and how much I love her.

Ugotme – Omar Apollo: After a huge Rex Orange County binge, I set about creating one of my new favourite playlists, ‘a mood‘ on Spotify. Songs when you want to chill in your room with old guitars, smooth vocals, a little indie vibe and that old tape recording sound effect a few artists have thrown onto their tracks. Enter, Omar Apollo and this specific song. This song is the accumulation of all the things I love; smooth as heck vocals, a sweet guitar, a low, chill beat, and incredible harmonies. Never mind that it’s just over two minutes long, but it’s everything I’ve ever needed.

Again – Kehlani: Lani did it to me again, and since releasing Honey, she’s released Again, another acoustic slap. This song is emotional as shit, and I’m so here for it. The song really shows how good of a singer Kehlani truly is, which can kinda get a little lost in her other more hyped songs. This was a favourite this month.

10,000 Hours – PRETTYMUCH: If you missed my post about PRETTYMUCH, definitely give  that a read so you’re up to speed before listening to this tune. It’s the latest release from the boyband and I love it. Not as much as Open Arms, but it’s up there. It’s the hype you expect from them, and the RnB vocals that I’ve come to love.

Obsessed – Maggie Linderman: I found this song while binging Genius ‘Behind The Lyrics’ videos on YouTube and she came on autoplay. She explained the song really well and it seemed cool so I had a listen and now I love this song. She’s definitely improved a lot since what I heard from her when she featured with The Vamps.

Mine – Bazzi: I feel like everyone knows this song, whether you know the singer or the name. It’s everywhere, on the radio, on the internet, on Instagram and I kinda of love it, kind of hate it. But there’s no denying, I listened to it a lot during February.



So that my friends was what I was listening to during the month of February. You can find all of them on Spotify, and majority of them are also on my 365 playlist for 2018. I’d love to hear what songs you were listening to this month, I’m always on the lookout for new music, but you knew that already.



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January Tunes

January Tunes

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Wow, wow, wow. The first Monthly Tunes of the year. I’m kind of freaking out internally because one of my first posts ever on this blog was a Monthly Tunes, it was my May Tunes and that was at the beginning of June, meaning I’ve just passed six months of You Should Hear. Exciting times.


The month of January arrived like a freight train, but it’s already gone as quickly as it came, meaning, I have a months worth of tunes to dump on all of you guys. Here’s what I was listening to in January.


Naive – The Kooks: This was definitely a favourite towards the end of December and the beginning of January, just because I was amping myself up to see The Kooks live at Festival Hall, which I babbled all about in a completely seperate post.

Tough Guy – Bene: I definitely remember adding this song to my December Tunes, and it hasn’t lost it’s place in this months favourites. I’m still so confused about this chick. Initially I couldn’t find her Instagram for the life of me, until it suddenly appeared on my recommended users (swear to God the government has no concept of privacy) and she only has just over 300 followers? Why isn’t there more hype over this girl? Given, this is her only song on Spotify, but it’s criminal.

Havana – Camila Cabello: This song continued to make the rounds throughout January and I couldn’t escape it, though I wasn’t mad about that.

Sunrise – The Kooks: This was added after the concert, when I came back only slightly gutted that they didn’t play this song, it being my favourite. So it was only fair to blast it for a majority of January to make up for the loss.

Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars, Cardi B: This song came out very early in January, and up until now, and probably for a very long time, well into the year, I’ve played it every single day. How can you not? I love Cardi B as a rapper and as a person, and the same goes for Bruno Mars. It’s like everything you miss from the 90’s hip hop era, brought back, but in one of the most current songs Mars has released, and no shade, no lie, I love this version 10 times more than the original one.

How To Be A Heartbreaker – Marina and The Diamonds: I’ve never, ever listened to any other Marina and The Diamonds song, other than this one. Why? Because I can’t find one I like as much as this.

Water Water – Empress Of: This has to be one of the ultimate favourites of January. My friends and I watched Before I Fall when we were away and it reminded me how much I loved the soundtrack, the blog post I wrote dedicated to the soundtrack, and this song in particular. Empress Of is a queen.

Kiss The Sky – Tunes Of I: How can I even begin to explain this one? It’s hard but I had a crack a few posts ago, when I rambled and gushed about Tunes Of I, and this song especially.

Grow Up And Be Kids – The Cab: Only recently did I rediscover my love of The Cab, and get violently thrown back to 13 year old Priya, who had to cache the song when I had the MP3 Player app on my iPhone 3G so I didn’t use up all the data I had. It’s such a good song, and my favourite by The Cab.

Loving Is Easy – Rex Orange County: This song as always been my favourite from Rex, it’s definitely the most well know, but it was only after I binged watched the YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, that I really got obsessed with it again and added it to my favourites for the month. That said, if you’re looking for a new YouTuber, I cannot recommend her enough. During the solid week that I was just hooked on her, I saw her go from just under 480K subscribers, to currently 548k???? It’s insane but I don’t question it cos she’s hilarious.

Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds: Again, due to watching this movie when I was away, I played this song non-stop during the month. Surely no-one needs me to explain it?

Supernova – Ansel Elgort: I am the biggest advocate for Ansel Elgort, not only as an incredible actor, but as an incredible musician. This song is slightly more hip-hop/RnB than his usual EDM stuff, but I love the direction he’s taking. He released Supernova earlier this month and it’s already in my 2018 playlist.

About This Thing – Young Franco: This song came under my radar when I was watching a YouTube dance video from Tim Milgrim who films all the Millennium Dance Studio classes, and saw Jake Kodish’s choreography to it. Not only was the dance so good, but I immediately became obsessed with the song.

Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill: So this was an exciting favourite. I’m going to Blues Fest in Byron Bay in March, and they’re still adding acts to the set list. I swear to God I spammed my family group chat so hard when they announced Lauryn Hill, my Fugees queen was performing and the the response I got back from my mum was an underwhelming ‘ok’.

Roses – Chris Brown: This song is one of my favourites from Brown’s recent album. I initially overlooked it but I found it again in January and it’s now a staple.

My, My, My! – Troye Sivan: I first heard this song when the music video was released, and I don’t know if it was the combination of the music with the incredible music video and effects, but I instantly became obsessed with it. On a little side note, whenever I hear For You by Liam Payne and Rita Ora from the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, I can’t help but mash these two together. In my head, they fit perfectly, and it frustrates me to no end that I’m not sure how to do it myself yet. If someone could combine My, My, My! and For You for me, that would be incredibly appreciated.

Can’t Afford It All – Jakubi: This was added after my incredible experience at the Australian Open Live Stage, when Jakubi opened for Rudimental. This has been my favourite song since I first saw them three years ago, and nothing was different this time either.

Love You Like That – Dagny: I’ve had another Dagny song in my favourites previously, so I’m on a bit of a roll with her music. She recently released Love You Like That and I’m in love with it.

Collide – Odette: I’m embarrassed to say it took me several listens before I actually realised how good this song was, simply because my impatient ass skipped it before it got to the good part. That said, Odette has an amazing voice, but the ‘good part’ only begins a minute in. I’m glad I gave it the five chances I did.

Nexus – Niykee Heaton: THIS SONG. I can’t remember for the death of me who’s blog I saw it on, but it was a part of a motivational playlist, and it’s the one song from their playlist that’s made it’s way onto at least four of my personal playlists, as well as my January favourites. It’s such a track, and I’m obsessed with Niykee Heaton’s style.

Mi Gente: J Balvin, Willy William: I know. You’re thinking ‘Surely not again Priya?’. This song was my most played song in 2017, and I’ll be damned if I don’t bring it into 2018 with me. I can’t foresee me getting sick of this song anytime soon. It’s been in so many of my past blog posts, I know you’re sick of it, so I’ll end that there.

Down Time – Aaradhna: I cannot get over Aaradhna’s voice. She’s currently one of my favourite New Zealand artists. This song has huge Corinne Bailey Ray vibes for me, like Girl Put Your Records On, but it’s the ultimate chill song. Give it a listen.


So that’s what I was listening to this month! Hopefully you all had an amazing January, I know I did, let me know in the comments!



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December Tunes

December Tunes

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It’s arrived. The post that I’ve been dreading (yet still low key waiting for) all this time. My December Tunes. Dreading because it means that somehow we’re at the end of the year??? Waiting for because that means. . .thank god this year has come to an end, let’s move on. Hopefully you all had an amazing holiday season what ever you did, I know I consumed my weight in food and drinks but I’m not complaining.


For the final time this year, here are the tunes I was loving this month!


Carolina – Harry Styles: It really has been a fantastic year for this kid has it not? It’s only natural that I had a song of his featuring in more than several of my posts since his album release. This song is slowly edging it’s way into my top five favourites. We’ll see. For now it can reserve top spot on this list.

Miss You – Louis Tomlinson: While we’re at it, it’s been a great year for all the guys from One Direction and their solo endeavours, including Louis Tomlinson. While I may not listen to his music as much as Harry’s or my boy Niall’s, this song is definitely my favourite song out of all the stuff he’s released.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran: While Perfect Duet with Beyonce and Perfect Symphony with Andrea Bocelli were some of my most listened to songs this month, I’m a sucker for the original. It’s simplicity and cute factor have me sold on Ed’s solo version. I love it.

I Fall Apart – Post Malone: Feeling Whitney will forever remain my favourite Post Malone song, but I Fall Apart is a close second. The amount of times my dad, little sister and I have belted it out in the car is *several* and it’s the perfect song to sing along to. Post had a pretty good year too I’d say.

Find You – Nick Jonas: I think I heard this song around, but I never really caught on until I saw Kyle Hanagami’s duet choreography to it. I’ve referenced Hanagami for several of my music favourites in the past, because he always does it so damn well. This one is no different, if not, one of the best.

Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato: It’s been a while since I’ve belted out a good Demi Lovato song, but this one was quick to fill that particular hole in my life. The first time I heard the song I got goosebumps, the first time I saw the music video I was in awe. One of my favourite female singers hands down.

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac: This for sure, was my favourite song of December. If there was a way to see your most played song each month, I would put money on it being The Chain for this month. There’s something so nostalgic about listening to it and feeling the bridge and the guitar solo coming at you like a freight train. I live for it.

Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood: I have absolutely no-one to sing this to, but best believe I’ll sing it the loudest. You’d look at me singing this song and ask yourself, “Damn, who did her wrong?” and the answer to that is absolutely no-one but that changes nothing. You’re lying if you say you don’t sing along to this.

Holding Out – Atticus Street: So I saw Atticus Street live at the end of November, when they played at a showcase I was attending for my friend (which I’m playing at in February), and I was blown away. Then a few days later they shared that they had a single coming out on Spotify and I was so ready. Pleased to share that I was not let down, because this song embodies everything I loved about them when I caught them live.

See Me – Maya Hirasedo: I wrote about Maya a little while ago, and since then I’ve still been listening to her single. It’s all you need to hear if you’re craving some Jene-Kehlani type RnB.

Love Ride – Christian French: Again, I wrote about this song, and how I stumbled upon it in another post, and since then I’ve been searching for more Christian French to listen to. Cannot wait for him to put up some more stuff on Spotify.

Blessed – Daniel Caesar: I tried. So hard. To learn this song on the piano. But nothing can capture this song, and do it justice like Daniel does. How did I find it? Another choreographer. This time, my all time fave, Ian Eastwood, who choreographed an absolute masterpiece to this song and performed it with his group, The Young Lions. It’s absolute magic, and I really recommend you check it out.

Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William: I know. This is getting out of control. I’ve mentioned this song several times, and I play it ten times that amount. It’s gotten to a stage where my Dad is requesting it at family parties. Gotten to the point when one of my friends, who is in Spain at the moment, sends me a Snapchat of it playing at a night club and captions it “our song”.

Random – G-Eazy: I heard this song all the time, but I never caught the name of it or never shazaam’d it in time, and then I finally listened to G-Eazy in full and stumbled across it. Now it’s on my gym playlist because how can you listen to this song and not get pumped???

Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire: My family have been celebrating in excess this month, which has reminded me of my absolute love for soul, funk and disco. Which is precisely where this tune falls under. I’m a fan of anything Earth, Wind & Fire, so this song has always been right up my alley, never mind the fact that it made the cut of the Night At The Museum Soundtrack.

Used To Be In Love – Jungle Giants: This one is another classic case of ‘Priya Hearing A Tune At Work And Scrambling To Shazaam It Before It Finishes’. That’s how this one came about. But get around Jungle Giants. I know Australia definitely has.

*Christmas Tunes*

Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande: This song is surely becoming a staple for my future Christmas playlists. It’s magical. Ariana is magical. She should be protected.

This Christmas – Chris Brown: As I’ve mentioned in my post all about Chris Brown, my favourite Chris is Christmas Chris, so this song probably got the biggest run this Christmas from me. The neighbours probably know it word for word.

Jingle Bells – Michael Buble ft The Puppini Sisters: I play this song solely for the pleasure of being an honorary Puppini Sister. Because for once in my life, the only part I’m set on singing is the back up.

Ho Ho Ho – Sia: It was brought to my attention by my younger sister that Sia has a Christmas album. Never mind the fact that she has a whole song about puppies at Christmas, this one was played several times.

All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey: You must think I’m a fool if you think I’m gonna bother explaining this one.

*Christmas Tunes done*

Tough Guy – Bene: I found this song on a Spotify AU and NZ discovery playlist, and I have to say. It’s a bop. I don’t know who Bene is, she only has the one song and I haven’t found her Instagram yet, but I’ll set a goal to keep an eye out for her. She’s featured on my yearly playlist if you’d life to check it out, which I recommend you do.

My Favourite Part – Mac Miller, Ariana Grande: My best friend and I were at the beach the other week and as we were leaving, we passed a group of other teenagers sitting near the path along the sand, and there was this one boy was feeling all his feelings singing this song. It was incredible, but we couldn’t for the life of us remember what song it was, so, I shit you not, I hid behind the closest bush I could and shazaam’d it right there.

Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan: As I mentioned before, my family have had a wild month party wise, but nothing was wilder than my uncle climber up on a chair, and belting this louder than Chaka Khan herself, while the rest of my family danced around him like some sort of cult leader. You know I got it on video.


I hope you guys enjoyed this final monthly tunes for the year and hopefully you all had an amazing 2017! Let me know what music you were listening to in the comments below!




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