Woah . . . A Rant

Okey dokey. Grab a drink. I have some things to say. As a music fan, a music student and a musician, I’m constantly surrounded my music. If I’m awake, I’m 80% sure to be listening to music. That given, I have a varied and broad taste that I enjoy, which generally allows me to talk to a […]


Seeya Chet

So in September 2016, Chet Faker ended and Nick Murphy stepped up. If you aren’t yet familiar with Chet Faker, you may have heard some of his music without realising, notably one of his hits, Talk Is Cheap, (Spotify linked) or his cover of No Diggity. In September he lost the moniker or performance name, […]


All About Billie

  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Billie before in a monthly favourites or in another playlists like that, but if you’ve somehow missed it…here’s a whole post dedicated to the girl. I was initially introduced to her by one of my best friends, who demanded I listen to her song Bellyache. It soon became one […]