Very Specific Pt. 13

Very Specific Pt. 13

Hello everyone!

Hope you are well and doing good, welcome back to another blog post where I try and be relate-able, only somewhat succeeding.

Today’s post is another very specific post. I love making and curating these posts, you guys seem to be a fan of them, so hopefully we all get something out of this. I’m all about listening to sad songs when you’re already sad to just…enhance the sad, because surely that’s something we all do, but sometimes you don’t have time and need to pep up real quick. For example, having a small mental breakdown about a university deadline that you knew about for weeks, crying a lil bit, but realising that you don’t actually have time to cry and need to get work done.

I definitely have found myself in that situation several times this year, so I’m probably your best source for pepping yourself up through some good tunes.

So this playlist is a playlist of songs to cheer you up. 


Burnin Up - Jonas BrotherHard Times - ParamoreI'll Be There For You - The RembrandtsDog Days Are Over - Florence + The MachineI Say A Little Prayer - Aretha FranklinRosanna - WeezerCordu


There you go! Hopefully you had a listen to some of those song, hopefully you felt a bit better if you weren’t already feeling great, and hopefully you’ve got some more songs to add to your artillery if you’re ever feeling down.



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