I Have An Excuse

Hello my friends! It may not seem like it to some of you, but I’ve been a bit off on here, haven’t been as active as I definitely could have, but to be quite frank, I’m not sorry. Why? Here’s my reasoning and subtle attempt at begging for forgiveness while simultaneously plugging my own shit. […]


A Week In

Hello lovely people. Due to the following week being insanely busy for me, I thought I’d take this bloody four hour gap in-between my classes on this cold Monday to schedule some posts. As great of an idea as that is, I’ve struggled to come up with post ideas, (all though I do have a […]


I Blogged My Day

Hello friends. So I’ve recently made a couple more posts that let you into my world a bit more as a student, a music student specifically. I really enjoyed reading some of your comments on those posts and have found that the topic of college and university is one I find myself reading about a […]